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Personal Customers Click Here

"Personal" customers means you, getting a car for your own use, in your own private name.

Business Customers Click Here

"Business" customers means getting a car (or cars), charged to the name of a business.

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Personal Customers Click Here

"Personal" customers means you, getting a car for your own use, in your own private name.

Business Customers Click Here

"Business" customers means getting a car (or cars), charged to the name of a business.

Both online forms (preferred) and paper forms are available through the links above - Ling

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After proposal acceptance, you only commit when you sign the order. Not before! - Ling

After you have proposed I will create your secure "Lingo" page
Extended Validation Security for LINGsCARS.com
is the secure online area my customers use for 100% of online process
Extended Validation Security for LINGsCARS.com

Inside my LINGO system, my customers get all the information they need, plus a full transcript of all conversations, plus full secure upload of all sensitive documents. In addition, there are loads of fun applications and lots of useful stuff.

Extended Validation Security for LINGsCARS.com Extended Validation Security for LINGsCARS.com
my customer LINGO SYSTEM, over 300 concurrent customers enjoy 100% security and the knowledge that all sensitive info and uploaded documentation is protected against ID theft and fraud.

QUESTIONS (...everyone has questions)

Commitment and Security questions...

Does this form commit me to a car?
No it doesn't... but I don't want to encourage you to fill form in without actually wanting a car. This finance proposal form does not commit you to taking a car. It is simply to see if finance company likes look of you. A search will be marked on your finance file. If you are just wanting to confirm the price of a car, a) my website prices are correct, b) please use the QUOTE form for a car not on my website.

Do you simply want a quote on an unlisted car (or one you can't find a price on)? Click for a car leasing QUOTE!

When do I order the car?
After you pass the finance check, I send you a car ORDER form. The car order form is form you sign to order the car. So; Finance Proposal form = no commitment. Order form = commitment. Please think carefully when you get the order form. Please don't order the car if you may want to cancel it. I put my neck on the line to commit to these cheap new cars.

So what happens to this information?
I check it, then send it to one of my many finance company contacts. They run you through their systems and come back to request more information or say "Accepted as proposed" or "Sorry, declined". All information is handled very securely. It is never given out to 3rd parties, so the only people who may see it are the finance companies, the supplying dealer and me.

The car ordering process...

What are the steps involved in getting a car?
In more detail than the boards I am holding above, this is generally how it all works:

- Find a website car deal, or get a bespoke quote
- Proposal
- Car price/availability confirmation
- Extra info required
- Acceptance (or decline)
- Order form signed (and final colour confirmation) ...this is when you commit to the car!
- Finance documents sent out and returned (usually including initial payment)
- Delivery arranged
- You arrange your own insurance
- Car delivered
- 2 or 3-years use of the car inc. free road tax (except some Daimler finance deals)
- You pay monthly by direct debit
- Car collected from you at end of contract
- You pay for additional miles over and above the contracted mileage

How long does it take to get my new car?
Well, this is a difficult question to answer exactly. I can give you an indicative time, but there are so many other factors.

The first consideration is how quickly the finance company processes this information (some are faster then others) and how much information is needed until you pass the finance. This is entirely dependent on the various finance companies and is unpredictable, they all have different criteria. Some things they will definitely want are: driving licence (both parts) and at least 2 recent home utility bills. They may ask for passport, bank statements, copy of credit card, other proofs. Some customers do find this frustrating.

Next, we need to know if the car you want is physical at a dealer or the manufacturer, or is even built. If there is a waiting list, there is little I can do to help. This is dependent on the car, the colour you choose, the trim and the factory.

Then there is the paperwork. This needs to fly back and forth by email ...then the documents are posted to you (and back). This relies on the post office; I recommend using Special Delivery.

Finally, the dealer has to prepare the car, do the PDI, and arrange delivery. This can take a day or two, to a week or two (at busy times and depending on your location). For instance, delivery to Birmingham is usually easier to arrange than Cornwall or Inverness.

Often, cars speed through this system. This list sounds worse than it is, much stuff is done behind the scenes, and/or is fun!

So, the real answer is: Fastest - (maybe half my list) = 3 weeks. Slowest (some factory orders) = 6-months.

The rest is simply down to car availability. I draw on normal UK dealer stock, so generally the supply time is similar to that of a UK franchised dealer.

As soon as you send me the proposal, I will reply with a "car confirmation" email, confirming the price and the approx delivery time. Timings can change regularly, though... I agree it is a right pain that there is no simple answer.

Qualifying for finance approval...

Do I qualify for finance?
Well, all I can do is show you the typical profile of my customers, and let you decide for yourself. The search will be done by a finance company.

You are not borrowing money, but the finance companies want to make sure you are a good risk for them to rent a car to, for 2 or 3-years. This is low-cost PRIME finance; that is you must be a GOOD RISK, ABC123, quality customer.

- Some personal customers are self-employed business owners, choosing to run a car personally and charge the mileage to their business. They may have to provide a good amount of business information, if a sole-trader or partnership.

- Typical 100% private customers will probably be employed in a proper stable job, and have a stable address history. This is not to say that older people with proveable pensions, or young people will not be accepted. But this profile of stability and good payment history is typical.

- Most customers are home owners, although some tenants are accepted; it totally depends on circumstance. I am talking about good-standard professional dwellings, though, not DHSS sink-rents.

- Many of my customers have substantial salaries and professional careers. I often supply cars to solicitors, doctors, policemen, surveyors, civil servants, engineers, etc. Having said that, normal, everyday customers will not have any problem. The finance companies make little profit from my cars as I rip out all the fees and charges, so they do not want the risk of any default. It is a fair trade, I think.

- It is so hard to answer this question without actually trying for finance by filling in a form. I pull my hair out to treat you like an adult, not an idiot. You will definitely need: a current driving licence (full), be able to provide full proofs of ID, not have CCJ's/arrears.

- Unacceptable status includes; unemployed, CCJs, bad payment history and bankrupcy. This is NOT sub-prime finance, sorry. For that, you should look elsewhere. Suggest you don't bother trying Northern Rock!

Finance companies and suppliers...

Where do the cars and the finance come from?
The cars are all proper 100% UK cars, not spurious imports. They have full manufacturer warranty and will be delivered to your door by bona-fide UK franchised car dealers.

My contract hire cars are underwritten by finance companies. This is because the finance company takes the risk of the value of the car while you are renting it. I use many reputable companies such as Black Horse, Renault Finance, Ford Credit, Lex, Lombard, Hitachi, Capital Bank, Genus, Network, Automotive Leasing etc.

Some car deals are arranged through finance companies, some with supplying dealers, some via the wholesale finance market, others have direct manufacturer support. I constantly research all available deals to make sure you get best, cheapest finance company. Things change hourly!

Your next step is to complete a finance proposal form. The form is generic, but the information required is roughly the same for every finance company.

Click below to apply for a car!

Personal Customers Click Here

"Personal" customers means you, getting a car for your own use, in your own private name.

Business Customers Click Here

"Business" customers means getting a car (or cars), charged to the name of a business.

Both online forms (preferred) and paper forms are available through the links above - Ling