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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Hyundai Ioniq Hatchback (2016 - 2019) 1.6 GDi Hybrid SE Connect (141bhp) Hatchback 5dr Petrol/electric DCT Hybrid at £513.26 inc VAT at 16:19 yesterday - Ling
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*Now THIS is a racing driver!
Visit the official Rallycross Championship website HERE

The Rocket Woman
I am proud to support British Motorsport!
*Although many bloody foreigners take part.

The Rally Driver
As a Chinese, I have been programmed to give massive importance to sport.
So I am extremely pleased and happy to offer (for large payment) to be title sponsor of UK 2008 Rallycross, to subsidise terrible drivers and encourage crashing...

Official 2008 Rallycross Championship racing car door sticker:
Without this, the cars will not pass scrutineering!
Rally rools: No blowing horns. No waving arms. No refusing my noodles - Ling
Complaining spectators will be shot!

2007 & 2008 WINNER!!!!
Mad Mark

Mad Mark Watson edged out local rival Tony Bell to take the Rallycross Open Championship at Croft Circuit by just a single point.

I send LINA and LULU
"Chinese Cheeky Girls"
to torment rally teams!

Note; Lina and Lulu not being shagged by LibDem MP who is helping them with visa.


- Championship, Croft Feb 11th 2007

Lina and Lulu (WOW!) Rallycross Championship Movie is HERE 10Mb .wmv
Higher quality version is HERE 33Mb .wmv
You Tube version (small and fast if enabled) is below, or HERE

- Superprix, Croft Oct 2006

Lina and Lulu (WOW!) 2006 SuperPrix Movie is HERE 12Mb .wmv
Higher quality version is HERE 39Mb .wmv
You Tube version (small and fast if enabled) is below, or HERE

- Championship, Croft Nov 4th 2007

Emma and Vikki (WOW! - English!) 2007 Final Rallycross Championship Movie is HERE 7.6Mb .wmv
Higher quality version is HERE 25Mb .wmv
You Tube version (small and fast if enabled) is below, or HERE

2008 Rallycross
Championship timetable

Round 1 - March 2nd - Croft Circuit (Darlington)
Round 2 - April 13th - Blyton (Lincolnshire)
Round 3 - June 8th - Pemberey (Camarthenshire)
Round 4 - July 6th - Croft Circuit (Darlington)
Round 5 - September 13th - Blyton (Lincolnshire)
Round 6 - September 14th - Blyton (Lincolnshire)
Round 7 - October 25th - Croft Circuit (Darlington)

Rallycross Superprix - October 26th - Croft Circuit (Darlington)

Fantastic family day out!

Fast, hard, exciting racing!
Circuit descriptions...

Blyton: Situated in the heart of Lincolnshire, Blyton is the fastest circuit in Great Britain. It is very wide and produces close entertaining racing. The entire circuit can be seen from anywhere around the track. There is no reason why Blyton cannot become a leading Rallycross circuit in Britain. Various changes are going to be made to the circuit layout over the next three seasons, which will make the events even more exciting.

Croft Circuit: Located in North East England near to Darlington, this is one of the best tracks in the country. It is a fully professional race track that holds numerous national events including the British Touring Car Championship. It has top class facilities for both spectators and competitors. The circuit also provides pit garages for the leading competitors. Croft is fast, which provides one of biggest challenges for the drivers on the calendar as it is all about technique. Website:

Pembrey: Situated in Carmarthenshire (Wales), this venue was the last circuit to play host to the British round of the European Rallycross Championship. It is also a circuit that has been used in the past by both the British Touring Car and Formula 3 Championships. The Rallycross layout is fast, presenting a challenge for both car and driver. The spectacular Honda curve tests the commitment of the driver, before they head across the start/finish line into a tight right hairpin. Spectators can also obtain a fantastic view of the Division 1 cars powering away from the startline. Website:
Visit the official Rallycross Championship website HERE

It contains masses more info, drivers, teams, rules, entry forms, news and scandal...

Good luck to all the teams! See you there!

- Ling!