Nissan Qashqai Lease delivered to David Tonks in Blyth

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I am amazed the Post Office needs to be privatised, the amount that my customers spend sending me letters about their new cars. Here, David Tonks explains how they are getting on with their Nissan Qashqai

David says…
CarWe got a great deal from Ling on our Qashqai. I trawled the Internet but could not beat Ling’s package. I thought long and hard about leasing and I believe it makes good financial sense. No slimy salesmen to deal with or dealerships pestering you to buy.

Ling is the opposite of this; she is honest, upfront, and fun to deal with, too. Delivery on time, car A1 condition, friendly service, excellent. Never mind garlic bread, contract hire is the future.

David Tonks
NE24 ***

Nissan QashqaiEditor Note: You are a quality technician, David, so I am glad you appreciate my quality of the service. I do my best to make you happy :). You are quite local to me, from Blyth and you work just three miles away as the eagle flys. Enjoy the Qashqai, also built locally in Sunderland. – Ling