Audi A4 Saloon Lease delivered to James Casey in Houghton Le Spring

Letter head
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Gotta laugh at some of these letters! It’s amazing how much time some customers put into writing them. Often it can take me up to 10 seconds to read them. Just like this letter from James Casey that I got a while ago:

James says…
carAs promised, you and your team did what you could to get the car delivered before Christmas – Thank you.

Always a rapid response on your Lingo system – Well done.

Very competitive pricing. Great service – I have already recommended to others! Just what we need to help through the current Eco crisis. Stimulate car manufacture. Delivery was good.

James Casey
Houghton Le Spring
DH5 ***

Audi A4 SaloonEditor Note: Thanks so much, James. You did mention that the car was slightly late on delivery and there was a slight imperfection on delivery, then you crossed it out and said it was “nitpicking”. Well, I am always happy to chase this stuff up. However, you seem to be very happy with everything, and I am so pleased you like LINGO – it is industry leading. No other car supplier has such a thing. I’m happy to stimulate car manufacture, but, I think it will need more than me to single-handedly rescue it. I do my best! – Ling