Kia Picanto Lease delivered to Vernon Parkinson in Huntingdon

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I have 1523 customer letters! This one was sent by Vernon Parkinson after they had been driving around a few weeks in their new Kia Picanto

Vernon says…
CarI love my new baby (car). I’ve had an amazing response from all my friends and family. I loved the service that I received, it was very personal and really helpful in getting me a new car. The only thing with leasing is that I didn’t realise the amount of time it could take before you get a car. I wouldn’t have minded a little note somewhere to point this out. Thanks for the Kia Picanto, though!! Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly to me on delivery.

Vernon Parkinson
PE29 ***

Kia PicantoEditor Note: Oh Vernon, I am so sorry, I always do my best to explain that the one thing I cannot truly control is delivery time. Many factors affect it, and the UK law for personal customers means that I must give you a “cooling off” period in which to change your mind. I’m very happy to do that, but it means that if you need a car fast, you simply have to wait. Glad you are so pleased with your new Picanto, though – Ling