Kia Picanto Lease delivered to Colin Zealley in Milton Keynes

Letter head
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Customers often send me letters, I have 1523 in total! It keeps the postman busy. These letters are all hard copies, and none are invented. This one is from Colin Zealley

Colin says…
car“My first attempt to lease a car through you was sabotaged when Rover went out of business; but the experience was good enough that I didn’t even bother to look for other suppliers when I decided to try again recently.

It was a good decision – no complaints at all, excellent service all round.”

Colin Zealley
Milton Keynes
MK14 ***

Kia PicantoEditor Note: Colin, the bloody mis-management of Rover caused everyone a load of pain. Your new Kia Picanto will do a great job for a car that’s less than £100 (ex VAT) per month. Glad you are happy (at last)! Thanks for letter – Ling