Nissan Qashqai Lease delivered to Gordon McKellar in Nottingham

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My letters webpage must be just about the longest on the internet! Currently, there are 1523 letters on my website. Letters are great, as they are like a window on my customers’ happiness. My good customer Gordon McKellar wrote this one:

Gordon says…
CarHello Ling, many thanks for your help in securing the registration number for my impending Nissan Qashqai. I am more than impressed by your efficiency in dealing with client problems. It is very inspiring to witness at first hand the speed in which you respond with advice and guidance to daily business. A grateful client, thank you Ling.

Gordon McKellar
NG13 ***

Nissan QashqaiEditor Note: Wow, a lovely letter and I haven’t even delivered the bloody car yet! 🙂 No problem, I try to do things as fast as possible, Gordon. Don’t get shot in Nottingham while you are waiting for your car. – Ling