Honda Civic Lease delivered to Daniel Sherratt in Milton Keynes

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How much do I spend on stamps??? It must add up because I send every customer a nice thank-you letter. Daniel Sherratt replied with a letter back to me about the Honda Civic that was delivered, new. Here it is:

Daniel says…
carI was initially worried about leasing a car ‘over the internet’ but I can assure you Ling is the real deal! No hidden costs or terms and her response times are superb. Will be using again. Good delivery, on time, but in need of a good wash.

Daniel Sherratt
Milton Keynes
MK7 ***

Honda CivicEditor Note: Car needed a wash because it came from a distance on a bad day. Sorry about that 🙂 Small price to pay for the cheapest Civic in the UK. I screw the suppliers down so hard that they are on the edge cash wise and even a £5 car wash is sometimes too much (poor things) 🙂 Anyway, Dan, great comments in your letter – thanks! – Ling