Skoda Octavia Lease delivered to Paul Tither in Lincoln

Letter head
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I have 1524 customer letters! This one was sent by Paul Tither after they had been driving around a few weeks in their new Skoda Octavia

Paul says…
CarLing you are the best!! Your emails always cheer me up on dull days in the office. Maybe you should set up a new company called Lings Comedy Script Writing! Faultless service, a Skoda Octavia so cheap I had to check several times it was correct. Super quick delivery, the car is a joy to drive. I will be back in 3 years for my next one. Car was delivered on the day quoted, in perfect condition. Excellent.

Paul Tither
LN6 ***

Skoda OctaviaEditor Note: Hahahaha, well, the good news is I am to be a new character in Viz magazine, so they will write the scripts from now on. Yes, these Octavias were bloody cheap, many people grabbed one. Hope you have a lovely time in it. – Ling