Audi A6 Saloon Lease delivered to Mark Bulmer in Sunderland

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How much do I spend on stamps??? It must add up because I send every customer a nice thank-you letter. Mark Bulmer replied with a letter back to me about the Audi A6 Saloon that was delivered, new. Here it is:

Mark says…
CarDear Ling, I recently received delivery of my new Audi A6, which was delivered to my office in Hebburn. The service was great, as I now come to expect from you (this is my second Ling lease). The delivery mileage was 225.5 miles and I got the delivery driver to sign this off.

Mark Bulmer
SR5 ***

Audi A6 SaloonEditor Note: Mark, I’m so pleased you are just as pleased with the second car you have had from me, as the first. These A6s were real bargains. A bit more luxury than your last car, the diesel Freelander, eh? – Ling