Ford Focus Lease delivered to Richard Farmer in Burton Upon Trent

Letter head
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Many customer letters contain really funny stuff. It’s unusual to receive a very dry one. However, I publish them all. Here is a letter from Richard Farmer. It was sent to me quite a while ago!

Richard says…
carLing! What can be said?
Ling and co are extremely good at what they do! A sweet, innocent, cost competitive lease car provider! Offering blatant bribes for your custom! Every time I see a “Ling” envelope or receive a “Ling” e-mail I smile! Well nearly always (I lied about the sweet and innocent part!). Delivery was good.

Richard Farmer
Burton Upon Trent
DE130FX ***

Ford FocusEditor Note: Hey, another Ford Focus customer! You are director of a company called Elbus Ltd, I always like to get letters from company directors, because I like to hear what people like you who run businesses think of my service. Glad you like the envelopes 🙂 Of course I am sweet and innocent! You think I am guilty??? Pssssssh. Thanks, Richard! – Ling