*** ARNOLD CLARK – WOMEN’S DAY FAIL *** #internationalwomensday This…



This is so baaaaad on so many levels. Bleuuurgh!

You have a bloke tweeting from Arnold Clark (obviously it’s a man because he uses 3rd party context for the women: “THEY inspire us” and “all that THEY do”).

You have the bandwagon… of international women’s day. That’s obviously getting jumped on after a “great” boardroom idea.

You have the cheesiness and the patronising attitude.

You have the stupid video, showing a man taking a group photo of all the women Arnold can wheel out together at once (can you imagine if this was a photo of Arnold’s men? “THEY” would nearly fill a football stadium…)

Then the women are shown in various extremely positive gender biased clips, “managing” staff who are always men. (yeah, right). “Walk down here, and YOU: make it look like she’s the boss. And ACTION!…”

At the end, you then see the solitary female trainee mechanic who gets a small supporting “touch” on the shoulder from the female service manager. Aaaaah. “We women stick together”. Nice direction there from the bloke who made the film.

Not only that, but because the women speak broad Glaswegian… the film has to be subtitled in English so most people can catch what the girls are saying. UK videos don’t usually need subtitles for UK consumption. I’m a Chinese immigrant and I don’t use subtitles when I speak.

Just mega-fail. On so many levels. A special girls video for international women’s day. Well done, Arnold. Shows how inclusive you are.


In contrast, I have videos of Holly farting across the office and drawing cocks on my promo mugs. I’ll post these vids comments, below. I know which International Women’s Day symbolism *I* prefer. Pass the air-freshener!

10 thoughts on “*** ARNOLD CLARK – WOMEN’S DAY FAIL *** #internationalwomensday This…”

  1. Well, the “author” claims she is a woman! Kirsty Leckie-Palmer says: “Hi Ling. My name’s Kirsty, and I’m proud to work for @ArnoldClark Sorry you didn’t like my tweet. I’d like to correct your assumption. I’m a woman (albeit one who enjoys writing in the 3rd person), and I managed to write this post all by myself!”

  2. LINGsCARS first lesson of the day is that this Country is a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The majority of Scots folk don’t speak Glaswegian, only folks from Glasgow do. The rest speak English. In a United
    Kingdom folks speak in all dialects and each one of them contribute to this Nation’s divercity. The English language in this United Kingdom does not just include home counties
    received pronunciation.

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