BMW 5-Series Saloon Lease delivered to Kevin Corry in

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New cars are like new toys to most of my customers. They get really excited. Just like Kevin Corry. I delivered this BMW 5-Series Saloon to then I got this very nice letter back…

Kevin says…
car“This is overdue – things have been SO busy since Xmas – but I wanted to say thanks!

The new BMW 520d SE is just fantastic, the price was great, and the service (through your communication and helpfulness) you provide stands out in a world where people talk about customer service but rarely deliver it. The only things I would question are the envelopes that are so full of chinese sweets that the postman has to hand deliver them like an injured bird, and then when you try and eat the sweets… are those things legal in this country?”

Kevin Corry
address withheld

B49 ***

BMW 5-Series SaloonEditor Note: Kevin, this delivery went very smoothly – but you were the perfect customer. Excellent credit rating, full and complete documents, fast replies to my emails. Hope you have fun pulling out in front of people, flashing to overtake on the motorway and driving aggressively in your new BMW 5-series :). Up here in Gateshead, the postman WHISTLES like an injured bird. My office cat goes crazy – Ling