Customer Service Contact Information
For all enquiries and issues, contact
Ling Valentine
15 Riverside Studios
Newcastle Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 0191 460 9444

Terms very simple:
I provide a straightforward service, if anything is unclear, please to contact me.

Return and Refund Policy
All cars are delivered after fully completed finance documents are returned and received. These documents may contain distance selling, or face to face, or other "cooling off period" clauses. No cars will be delivered until cooling off periods have expired. Your contract is with individual finance company. Please to see their terms, detailed on finance documents regarding this policy.

Goods Faulty on Arrival:
Your car/van(s) is/are fully covered by manufacturers' warranty and include manufacturers' breakdown service. All attempts should be made to reasonably allow manufacturers' franchised agents to attempt to repair and problems with car. Cars have thousands of complicated components and generally it is view of UK courts that reasonable number of faults may be likely, but should be repaired quickly and without too much fuss or inconvenience by agent.

Goods Damaged in Transit:
You should pay attention and make sure you inspect car/van(s) on delivery. Any damage should be noted by you and delivery agent on delivery form. Supplying dealer/delivery agent will be responsible for reasonably prompt repair of any damage.

Goods Faulty after Arrival and in Use:
Contract hire cars and vans are normally covered for whole period of rental by manufacturers' warranty. You should allow franchised agent a reasonable time to affect any repairs.

If you have changed your mind:
If you have simply changed your mind about your order you should inform me in writing/fax/email as soon as possible. Unless you have signed finance documents and exceeded cooling-off period, I should be able to unwind order. However, there may be a charge for doing so if costs have been incurred by supplier. If you are outside cooling-off period, you must deal with finance company who underwrite your car/van.

Delivery Policy:
I make great effort to make sure cars are delivered promptly and on time. But there are so many outside factors with cars, like transporter drivers' driving hours, transporter/driver availability, car availability, PDI proceedures etc, that I can never guarantee this.

Taxes and Duty:
Your car/van includes full UK road tax for period of contract, and VAT is either payable or included in rentals depending on your status.

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