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Customer Letter: 1001 / 1522
James says...
CarDon't be put off by the crazy website, LINGsCARS is definitely a professional outfit! Ling keeps in contact with you and goes beyond normal service to help you.

What has really impressed me is the after-sales service. It is not a case of "here is your car, see you later", Ling helped me out after a mix up at the dealer/finance company and worked tirelessly to help her customer.

I definitely recommend using her company - cheap, but service is not compromised. The dealer was OK, associated finance company was not.


Editor Note: James, oh dear, you had a bad experience with VW/Audi finance. Never mind, I sorted them out and rescued you from paying too much. It is a real shame that customers get treated like this by finance companies, they are just too big for their boots, they think that customers are there just to bleed money from, sometimes. Glad you are very happy now, I certainly will not abandon customers! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1000 / 1522
Andrew says...
1000th letter
CarHi Ling,

Just a quick note of thanks to go on your website :)

I know this is a bit delayed, but, I've been too busy enjoying my new Lexus and Kathryn's Volvo to get in touch. I've noticed a lot of people say that you are better than your competitors, I don't think this goes far enough.

You're a better way of driving a car.

I've bought numerous new cars over the years, and every couple of years I dread having to get a new one, first you have to put up will all the drivel that comes out of the salesman's mouths, then you have to take a kick to the nuts over the price of your trade in. You've then got to jump through hoops to get your car financed and fight off every advance of the 'business manager' to take a GAP or a Supaguard, or mats or something else to drive up the profit they're making out of you.

I realised enough was enough, I sold my car privately and pocketed what value was left in it, I put that money in the bank then picked a new Lexus for myself and a Volvo for my wife. I filled in some simple forms, sent some proofs and then waited for the delivery day. They were both delivered on the exact day they were promised (even with a 12 week wait on the sexy new Volvo coupe). Ling kept in touch to let me know how things were progressing, I didn't even have to make one phone call for an update (something un-heard of in the retail world).

Delivery was via low-loaders by professional, courteous people, and, there's nothing better than having your new car delivered to the office, just a quick 15 minutes, sign some paperwork; no up-sell, no smarmy salespeople showing you how to work the radio as if you're a moron, no false smiles or the false promise of a 'come back anytime you need any help with something'.

I will never buy a new car again, I'll stick all my money in the bank and pay a small monthly fee for the privilege of driving a brand new car every 2 years without the hassle or headache of dealing with the retail car market and the piranhas that work in it. Your website was like a sackload of cocaine wrapped in a marijuana shell which transfixed me until the day my new car arrived. I dread the day when the whole world wakes up to car leasing and I don't feel as smug as I currently do.


Editor Note: Andrew, hehehehe, you are my 1,000th customer letter! AND you had 2 x cars!!! I thought you were very efficient replying to my emails and stuff, probably because you are one of those wierd Apple-Mac experts. I hope you and Kathryn have a great time in the two new cars, you are quite local so I may see you around! As reward for being 1000th letter, i send you 2 x sets of LING car mats :). And as further bonus, I have found a picture of those pesky car dealer piranhas here...
car dealer piranha - Ling

Customer Letter: 999 / 1522
Pete says...
CarHiya Ling

Just a quick note to say how pleased the family and I are with the new Grande Punto, we went out at the weekend with it and can't fault it. It really is going to make a difference for us. I know it's not ours, but we can pretend it is :-)

On a personal note can I give you a big thank you for making the whole leasing experience so easy, fun and enjoyable.

Nice, honest, genuine people who care about their customers are all but extinct in this day and age but you are all of these and more. You take personal service to whole level. Your fun and honest approach is like a breath of fresh air, if only all companies operated like this maybe the world would be a brighter place, and I really do mean that.

I for one will spread the word of Ling and with any luck it will spread quicker than a epidemic of asian bird flu :-).

Thanks Ling.


Editor Note: Pete! I play table tennis in Cramlington, practicing for the Olympics (as if), so I know you are quite close. I may see the Punto around. I am very happy that you all seem pleased, glad to be able to give you the good service. Please recommend me. Thanks for such a kind letter :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 998 / 1522
Competitors says...
CarJust for a change, I thought I would show you some of the comments I regularly receive from competitors. It kind of shows what they think of me. Glad 1000 of my customers who bother to write in, seem to disagree with them - Ling

Derek Glass, ACPL Online: - "If you had a black cat you could have the tag “The Black Cat and his oriental twat!”"

Marcus Nicholls - Sales manager AUF.co.uk: - "Great character name….. LING STING - A Chinese Arsehole!"

Martyn Lambert Associate partner - Neva Consultants: - "She makes our industry into a joke." "Maybe someone could press that button on the rocket launcher while she's sitting on the missile!!"

Ian Sturgeon - Knights of Newcastle (Kia/Proton Franchise): - "Fok you too, slanty." (sic)

Derek Glass, ACPL Online: - "Yeh Ming go funk urself and eat some noodles!"

Neva Consultants: - "Chinese twat"


Editor Note: Well, glad to know there are professionals in this car leasing industry. I bet they sit and "tut" all the way through Top Gear, too... - Ling

Customer Letter: 997 / 1522
Marc says...
CarCommunication excellent, a pleasure doing business. Delivery driver was very eager to get away. Your Chinese sweets have improved :)


Editor Note: Marc, that is a disaster! I do my best to supply the worst sweets in the UK! And you say they have improved! I am so disappointed. But I am glad you thought it was a pleasure doing business. I will kick the dealer. Enjoy the Verso! - Ling

Customer Letter: 996 / 1522
David says...
CarWe have taken delivery of new Caddy Maxi-Van. The process was easy and nothing was to much trouble. This company (LINGsCARS) is excellent with a great customer service and I will be returning in 3 years for a new vehicle.


Editor Note: David, you are specialist in the supply and service of all types of marine vessels with portable fire-fighting equipment and also carbon dioxide fixed installation for the larger marine vessels. So, glad you thought my service was red-hot, hahaha! See you in 3-years. I give you hyperlink. - Ling

Customer Letter: 995 / 1522
Ian says...
CarLing, Honda Accord is great, but delivery people not so great. It arrived with 244 miles on the clock, having been driven from XXX, and I now have to deal with a speeding ticket issued to the delivery driver 4 hours before I got the car, but for which Honda UK have put me down as the driver!!


Editor Note: Ian, to be fair that was an automated process, they did not deliberately give the ticket to you. But, I am checking it is all sorted, as of course that was totally outrageous. It is so easy to get these tickets these days. The mileage will be adjusted on the contract, that is acceptable as a delivery mileage and you won't be charged for those miles. Apart from all that (phew) which drives me mad as well because it is so unnecessary - you are very happy with the car, which is great. I have kicked the delivery people. - Ling

Customer Letter: 994 / 1522
Stuart says...
CarI have to say that the service provided by Ling was second to none. We were kept informed of the progress on our Nissan Qashqai. And now it has arrived, what a beautiful car to drive and the colour is fantastic. Excellent delivery, very good service.


Editor Note: Stuart, I keep telling people to try these Qashqais, they are always really well reviewed cars. And they are built near me by the Mackams. Hope you have a great time in it. Thanks for the kind words about my service. - Ling

Customer Letter: 993 / 1522
Alan says...
CarCarExcellent service and communication supplying our two new Toyota Priuses. Provided with good honest advice - will certainly continue to use Ling Cars in the future. Good delivery, on time.


Editor Note: Alan, wow, now you are saving TWO planets :) I give you a hyperlink for lovely letter. thanks for being such a nice customer. You are repeating customer, so I am so happy to see you back. See you in 3-years. - Ling

Customer Letter: 992 / 1522
Ben says...
CarThank you very much for all your time and effort, your service is good and I wish you every success in the foreseeable future. It took some time to sort things out but I dont think that's your fault. I think you done the best to your ability- thanks. Toyota were a bit slow, and had loads of documents - annoying.


Editor Note: Ben, well, yes. This pick up was slow to arrange because the finance company were very "proper" and took ages, also there was no Hi Lux stock in the UK. Sorry about all the delivery paperwork, most suppliers short-cut it, but this one did everything by the book. At least you have your new pick up at a cheap price and you were happy with me :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 991 / 1522
Phil says...
CarHi Ling I am delighted with my new Honda. It's a really nice car. The service I received from you was fantastic and the speed of my first contact to the delivery of the car was so quick. Much quicker than I thought it would be. Can't wait to order my next car from you. Its the only way to get a new car!! Excellent delivery - on time and the car was clean.


Editor Note: Phil, hahaha, you have little faith :) Of course I try to do it quick. If a car is available I will work double fast to make sure you have it. I'm so happy you are pleased. I am looking forward to your next car in 3-years, too :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 990 / 1522
Richard says...
CarThe Megane CC arrived just in time to take the kids to the Safari Park. So thanks for getting it here on time. I would like to compliment you on how quick response to any queries I had. I did have quite a few queries, this Megane CC being my first time at leasing. Thanks again for making it such a easy process. I look forward to doing business with you again in 2 years time. The dealer phned to say the car would arrive at 10.30am. It arrived exactly on time.


Editor Note: Wow, you should take care with kids in a safari park with a convertible car. If naughty kid presses button - BANG - the lions are in the car in 5 seconds. However, I always like safari parks as there are many delicious animals there and I build up an appetite. Glad the dealer did so well, hope you enjoy the Megane CC! - Ling

Customer Letter: 989 / 1522
Paul says...
CarVery easy process from beginning to delivery of car, Ling does all the hard work. I just read the forms and signed them. Delivery was spot on, no fuss or bother.

However... I haven't had confirmation from the finance company on what day my payments are taken from my account. The car was first registered 24/12/07, I took delivery 19/05/2008, on a 3-year contract - so there is a warranty shortfall.

I'd recommend Lings Cars / her process to anybody thinking about getting a new car.


Editor Note: Paul, well, the finance company should take payment 1 month after delivery, but that can usually be adjusted by you by a few days either way to fit in with pay-day, etc. I did make clear on my car detail page that these were pre-reg cars, so yes, you have a warranty shortfall on a 3-year contract. However, this is a Honda, and they have the lowest warranty claims in the industry. Thanks for the recommendation, you were a really nice customer to deal with, in enclave People's Republic of Bradford. - Ling

Customer Letter: 986 / 1522
John says...
CarHi Ling, many thanks for supplying our new Audi A3, never have I experienced an easier and more cost effective way to get a new car. A BIG THANK YOU! Excellent communication from supplying dealer, too.


Editor Note: John, you are so far north, you make me feel dizzy! This dealer is great, I must say. Glad you thought it was all so easy, that's what I try to do. Go and drive up those mountains! - Ling

Customer Letter: 985 / 1522
Ian says...
CarHi ling, I thought you offered a a very competitive rate for the lease of our XC90. You were honest, efficient and best of all quick, whenever I needed a response. I have already recommended you to a number of friends.

I really appreciated you responding personally to e-mail and phone calls and you always knew what you were talking about. Thanks. My Volvo XC90 was delivered on time by pleasant staff. Excellent.


Editor Note: Hehehe, another XC90 bites the dust. ...I can do these cheaper than Volvo themselves, it seems, and they are very popular cars. The best value of all the big 4x4s. Thanks for letter, thanks for recommendations, Ian! - Ling

Customer Letter: 984 / 1522
Mick says...
CarLing -

Very good service, will shop with you again. Excellent delivery service.


Editor Note: Wow, these VW Eos are not very well-known cars, and not the cheapest, but they are very popular. A lovely convertible car :) I hope you get lots of sun in Birmingham, Mick. Thanks for short letter! - Ling

Customer Letter: 983 / 1522
Lynette says...
CarFast, efficient service. Would definitely recommend you to other people. Crazy website! Excellent chat service - knowledgeable staff. All excellent, including delivery!


Editor Note: Lynette, well, get the top down! Have a great time in your new Mini Cooper Convertible. Thanks so much for kind words, you were lovely to deal with :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 982 / 1522
John says...
CarLing says it how it is, not how she thinks you want it to be. My wife summed it up by saying "You would think we were her only customers" - 100% in every respect. Thank you Ling. Good delivery of my new Audi A3.


Editor Note: John, well you can tell your wife she is a lucky onion, you were lovely to deal with :) And the Audi was a great deal. So happy that you are pleased, it makes everything so worthwhile. - Ling

Customer Letter: 981 / 1522
Paul says...
CarLing you are the best!! Your emails always cheer me up on dull days in the office. Maybe you should set up a new company called Lings Comedy Script Writing! Faultless service, a Skoda Octavia so cheap I had to check several times it was correct. Super quick delivery, the car is a joy to drive. I will be back in 3 years for my next one. Car was delivered on the day quoted, in perfect condition. Excellent.


Editor Note: Hahahaha, well, the good news is I am to be a new character in Viz magazine, so they will write the scripts from now on. Yes, these Octavias were bloody cheap, many people grabbed one. Hope you have a lovely time in it. - Ling

Customer Letter: 980 / 1522
Luigi says...
CarEfficient, straight talking, fantastic prices - Ling has exceeded my expectations. I have already recommended you to friends and colleagues: "Don't waste your time and money buying from a dealer". The delivery from the Renault dealer went without a glitch.


Editor Note: I am glad you did not have a glitch, Luigi, even though I am not sure what a glitch is. Did you want to order one? Next time I will include free glitch with your car :) Enjoy Grand Scenic! - Ling

Customer Letter: 979 / 1522
Dave says...
CarAn excellent service by Ling. She kept me informed all the way. I had to wait 16 weeks for my Audi Q7 but it was worth it. The only thing wrong was the colour was not what I had ordered. But that would be nothing to do with Ling. When I am due for another car I will not hesitate to use Ling again - many thanks.


Editor Note: Yes, the Audi supplier messed up on the colour. I'm glad you did not mind to accept the change. These cars are slow to order because no Audi dealer can afford more than a few on their account, otherwise they run out of credit line :) However, glad you are really pleased with the new Q7. - Ling

Customer Letter: 978 / 1522
Simon says...
CarDear Ling- Thanks for all your help getting our Nissan Note delivered. Your site is great and your responses were answered in good time and with humour, even when I kept pestering you. I would certainly recommend you and if you manage to keep the prices competitive - "I'll be back"


Editor Note: Simon, you are a star, thanks. Hope you have a greatr time in the Note and thanks for all the kind comments about my site and service :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 977 / 1522
Neil says...
CarAll questions dealt with quickly. Astra turned up better than expected much easier to deal with leasing than buying. If I am to lease another it will be without doubt through Ling. The dealer messed me about with delivery dates - not happy with that.


Editor Note: Neil, well, I am yet to find a Vauxhall dealer who DOESN'T mess about. It is the most challenging thing, they all seem very unconcerned with customers. However... you got a very cheap deal on an Astra 1.7 Diesel and you should be OK with that. Really sorry for the poor Vauxhall dealers. Glad to hear that you will be back, next time I will try shooting the dealer in Chinese Government fashion, it may help. - Ling

Customer Letter: 976 / 1522
Scott says...
CarI was very impressed with your quick and helpful responses to my queries before during and after choosing my VW Golf. I would highly recommend Ling to anyone. Good delivery.


Editor Note: Scott, thanks for letter. This Golf is a great high quality car. Hope you have a great time in Scotland driving around and running your telecoms business. Talk soon :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 975 / 1522
Peter says...
CarHi Ling I just want to say your service was fantastic. Very easy very quick to deal with and the C4 Grand Picasso is great. I love the fact we dealt with a small independent company and the service was second to none. Thanks very much - I have also recommended you to all my friends - Cheers!


Editor Note: Well, as a director of a film company, i am glad to accept the invitation to be Bond, Ling Bond in 2009 :) The C4 Grand Picasso was a steal, which means it appealed to you as a potential scouser :) Hahahaha. Hope you have a great time using it in stunts and have more luck than they did with the last Aston Martin which was shaken AND stirred. - Ling

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