Kia Picanto Lease delivered to Ahmed Omar in Billingham

Letter head
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Many customer letters contain really funny stuff. It’s unusual to receive a very dry one. However, I publish them all. Here is a letter from Ahmed Omar. It was sent to me quite a while ago!

Ahmed says…
CarHello Ling. What can I say?

I am a repeat customer, this time a lovely Kia Picanto for my wife (last time a Kia Sorento) Your website is very informative, everything is clearly explained the whole process was very plain sailing. The sweets were lovely (really??? – Ling), I also enjoyed the Chinese seaweed. Delivery excellent, very courteous and professional.

Ahmed Omar
TS22 ***

Kia PicantoEditor Note: Ahmed, you are a superstar to take two cars. Kia should be very pleased they have such a loyal customer! You have proved what a super customer you are, the least I could do was to feed you! Seaweed is very good for the brain, but be careful on the beaches near Billingham, you have a nuclear power station near there! – Ling