Ford Fiesta Lease delivered to Elizabeth Moden in Wokingham

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Does your cat eat letters when they come through your letter box? Mine does. Here’s a letter it missed, from Elizabeth Moden in Wokingham. Bloody cat!

Elizabeth says…
carLingsCars is a unique service ‒ efficient, reliable, but fun to deal with. There is an evident focus on customer care. In my experience the proposed delivery was cut by two weeks for my convenience. This was only possible because of the hard work of the staff at Ling’s company. Many, many thanks ‒ I love my car. Excellent delivery, prompt, friendly and straight forward.

Elizabeth Moden
RG40 ***

Ford FiestaEditor Note: Yes, we pulled out the stops for you, not always possible I must say. There is a limit to what I can do, unless the cars are physical in the UK when the paperwork is done. Glad you are happy bunny, Liz. Nice cars, these new Fiestas! – Ling