Nissan X-Trail Lease delivered to Iain MacPherson in Preston

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I am amazed the Post Office needs to be privatised, the amount that my customers spend sending me letters about their new cars. Here, Iain MacPherson explains how they are getting on with their Nissan X-Trail

Iain says…
car“This is the 3rd car we have taken from Ling in the last 18 months. It’s good to know you are dealing with the owner of the business and you are kept up to date from placing the order to delivery of the car. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ling (and I have done)!”

Iain MacPherson
15 Merlecrest Drive

Nissan X-TrailEditor Note: Hmmm – Iain is a sales manager, and it always pleases me when I can keep sales managers happy! This is my toughest kind of customer because sales managers know all the tricks and have seen it all before. You had one of the very last bargain 2WD Nissan X-Trails. I am sad they have stopped making this model, I have sold loads. Come back soon, Iain – Ling