Ford Fiesta Lease delivered to Paul in Telford

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How much do I spend on stamps??? It must add up because I send every customer a nice thank-you letter. Paul replied with a letter back to me about the Ford Fiesta that was delivered, new. Here it is:

Paul says…
carHi Ling

Thank you for your efficient and prompt service. The Fiesta was delivered on time with no problems at all, totally hassle free. Excellent delivery.

I will definitely use your company again at the end of this current lease; thank you for all your help and regular updates. I would definitely recommend LINGsCARS.

TF3 ***

Ford FiestaEditor Note: Tosh, you are a director of a pub investment company called PINT! Hahahaha, that’s brilliant! Make sure you have a pint for me. The Fiestas have been brilliant sellers, and are brilliant cars. Great letter, CHEERS! – Ling