Savings Account Agreement Sample

No minimum balance is required to earn interest on this account. The daily balance method is used to calculate interest on the account. This method applies a daily periodic rate on the balance of the account collected daily. Interest on deposits begins to be collected no later than the business day we receive a deposit credit. Accrued interest is credited to the account balance on the last calendar day of the account statement cycle. Accrued interest that is credited to the account balance begins to earn interest no later than the next business day and is paid at each statement cycle. If you close your account or convert your account into an interest-free income account before accrued interest is credited, you do not receive accrued interest. To obtain interest on this account, a tax identification number is required. If your Easy current account is closed for any reason, the savings account will be automatically closed.

After closing, all remaining funds in Easy`s savings account, including all interest accrued to you, will be aggregated with the remaining funds in your Easy current account. The aggregate funds are then made available to you under the terms of paragraph “9.” Change and cancellation” to Section C of the Easy Deposit Contract, where we will derecry the process of closing the easy current account and transferring the account. NOTE: You agree that the recipient`s name on ach credits, direct deposits or mobile deposits must be an owner of Easy`s savings account. All deposits received under a name other than that registered with an Easy Savings Account owner can be returned to the initiator and your account is closed. The following graph shows the interest rate and the annual percentage rate of return applicable for the Easy Savings account valid on 23.03.2020. Prices vary and can be changed at our discretion. We can change the interest rate on your account at any time. If you have any questions, call 833.682.3827 or email