Ford Fiesta Lease delivered to Sandeep Kahlon in Coventry

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New cars are like new toys to most of my customers. They get really excited. Just like Sandeep Kahlon. I delivered this Ford Fiesta to Coventry then I got this very nice letter back…

Sandeep says…
carI was very impressed by LingsCars…it was a friendly, informal service yet very professional and informative. Ling took my through the leasing system pain free and I got a very competitive deal. A colleague at work pays an extra £90 per month for the same car as me so I’m very grateful to have found this website! Thanks for all your help.

Sandeep Kahlon
CV6 ***

Ford FiestaEditor Note: Wow, Sand, no problemo! I am amazed at that higher price, I often see this happening. Cars are “upsold” by some brokers making a ridiculous price. Thanks for comments. You are a clinical psychologist, so maybe you can diagnose me??? 🙂 hahaha! Enjoy the Fiesta! – Ling