Nissan Qashqai Lease delivered to Marie Culley in Gateshead

Letter head
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Does your cat eat letters when they come through your letter box? Mine does. Here’s a letter it missed, from Marie Culley in Gateshead. Bloody cat!

Marie says…
carWould highly recommend LingsCars. No other dealer/ lease company could match the great deal I got from Ling. Easy, easy, easy process thanks to the Lingo website. All my questions were answered within minutes! Friendly/ funny staff ‒ had many laughs along the way. In other words, EXCELLENT customer service. Many freebies ‒ mainly Chinese polos! Remember confusions say “too many Chinese polos mean many trips to dentist” :o)

Marie Culley
NE9 ***

Nissan QashqaiEditor Note: Hahahah, good job you are not a dentist, Marie. You are local to me in Gateshead, you live less than 1 mile away, so I will see you around and about in the Qashqai… and the car is made only 5 miles from us both, too! Thanks for super letter! – Ling