Audi A5 Coupe Lease delivered to Neil Sutcliffe in Manchester

Letter head
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I always ask my customers if they have comments about getting their new car. Really, I am looking for criticisms (so I can improve my service). However, customers like Neil Sutcliffe show that it is hard to generate real criticism. I can only improve if I know if anything is wrong. So, no thanks to Neil Sutcliffe 🙂

Neil says…
carEfficient. Friendly. Different. Would recommend a friend. Thank you all for your help ‒ much appreciated ‒ I think the above “sound bite” sums up your operation. Best wishes for the future. Good supplying dealer.

Neil Sutcliffe
M2 ***

Audi A5 CoupeEditor Note: Cool! You are coasting along the Manchester canalside in your Milano leather A5 Coupe. No wonder you are happy, eh? As a solicitor, well done Neil, for writing this letter without charging me £70 for it, hahaha! – Ling