Nissan Navara Lease delivered to Brenda Mackenzie in Nairn

Letter head
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Getting letters in the post is really nice. It makes a lovely change from getting email. This one was sent by Brenda Mackenzie from Nairn. Amazingly, the postman didn’t steal it!

Brenda says…
CarLing, all’s fine with our new Nevara, apart from the time we had to wait. It was good to deal with you, you made it very simple for us to understand all the red tape. Speak to you in 3-years. Good delivery, person drove it from XXXX, but that meant 500 miles on the clock.

Brenda Mackenzie
IV12 ***

Nissan NavaraEditor Note: Brenda, don’t worry, that 500 miles will be subtracted from the mileage, you won’t be penalised. The lead time on these pick-ups was long, the demand high. It’s a shame I cannot shout at the Nissan factory! 🙂 Thanks for letter, enjoy pampering the Nevara! – Ling