Citroen C4 Lease delivered to Warwick Gainsborough in Rickmansworth

Letter head
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Gotta laugh at some of these letters! It’s amazing how much time some customers put into writing them. Often it can take me up to 10 seconds to read them. Just like this letter from Warwick Gainsborough that I got a while ago:

Warwick says…
CarLing – thanks for your great service. Always quick to respond to my emails. You dealt with me with fantastic efficiency.

Warwick Gainsborough
WD3 ***

Citroen C4Editor Note: Warwick, it was a fast turnaround this time, because I already had all your info on file from your last car with me (Vauxhall Corsa) and could get this Citroen C4 (a step up for just a tiny bit more money) delivered to you pronto. Look forward to another 2-years, always nice to see your name on the emails 🙂 – Ling