Volkswagen Touran Lease delivered to Alan Antunes in Milton Keynes

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New cars are like new toys to most of my customers. They get really excited. Just like Alan Antunes. I delivered this Volkswagen Touran to Milton Keynes then I got this very nice letter back…

Alan says…
carLing is completely nuts, but she is great at this game! She kept me informed all along the way and sent me loads of weird sweets. I would go as far as to say that she has provided the best level of customer service I have ever experienced! Thanks very much and I will make contact again soon! Excellent delivery of my new VW Touran, nice and easy by a friendly dealer.

Alan Antunes
Milton Keynes
MK14 ***

Volkswagen TouranEditor Note: Alan, so glad you use you middle name as I cannot pronounce your first (Joaquim) 🙂 – you are brilliant customer. As a training manager for a very large company I appreciate the comments. You have a great 7-seater car, lovely gearbox on those Tourans. Only downpoint is you live in Milton Keynes 🙂 Thanks for the “nuts” comment. I will put that on my wall. – Ling