Kia Picanto Lease delivered to Vernon Parkinson in Huntingdon

Letter head
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Gotta laugh at some of these letters! It’s amazing how much time some customers put into writing them. Often it can take me up to 10 seconds to read them. Just like this letter from Vernon Parkinson that I got a while ago:

Vernon says…
CarI love my new baby (car). I’ve had an amazing response from all my friends and family. I loved the service that I received, it was very personal and really helpful in getting me a new car. The only thing with leasing is that I didn’t realise the amount of time it could take before you get a car. I wouldn’t have minded a little note somewhere to point this out. Thanks for the Kia Picanto, though!! Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly to me on delivery.

Vernon Parkinson
PE29 ***

Kia PicantoEditor Note: Oh Vernon, I am so sorry, I always do my best to explain that the one thing I cannot truly control is delivery time. Many factors affect it, and the UK law for personal customers means that I must give you a “cooling off” period in which to change your mind. I’m very happy to do that, but it means that if you need a car fast, you simply have to wait. Glad you are so pleased with your new Picanto, though – Ling