Nissan Qashqai Lease delivered to Christine Martin in Tewkesbury

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I always ask my customers if they have comments about getting their new car. Really, I am looking for criticisms (so I can improve my service). However, customers like Christine Martin show that it is hard to generate real criticism. I can only improve if I know if anything is wrong. So, no thanks to Christine Martin 🙂

Christine says…
carI found dealing with Ling and co fun! Service was first class. Any query I had was answered very quickly. The whole thing took 1 month from enquiry to receiving Qashqai. Car is fantastic. Would definitely recommend Ling!

Excellent delivery, delivery driver was very friendly and helpful.

Christine Martin
GL20 ***

Nissan QashqaiEditor Note: Chrris, I am pleased you are happy with the super letter response. Hope the Qashqai makes you even happier! 🙂 Great customer, thanks! – Ling