***NEW CAR FRAUD UPDATE*** Thought a few people might want…


Thought a few people might want to know…

I found a local officer in Gateshead (Chris Storey) who wanted to run with my detective work finding a London-based crook trying to scam cars (16 attempts discovered) from me and other suppliers.

If you remember, I used info I had from him to hack into quite a few email boxes he used. This was to gather evidence for the police (sod data protection, this man is a tw*t), and have just been at the local police station for 1-hour signing a 20-page statement and reams and reams of printed evidence I collated with the policeman Chris. 16 packs of evidence.

It turns out the “perp” has a long list of fraud offences, and was stupid enough to leave his real passport, driving licence and other evidence in some of the de-frauded email boxes. There was communication trying to get new cars from at least a dozen other brokers/finance companies. Plus emails he sent to me. He even used his own driving licence (doctored with different address) pretend to be a relative of a fake customer to arrange collection of a new car.

I found he has had 2 real cars away, one of which has been intercepted en-route to Nigeria by UK Customs (and recovered from a shipping container) and another from a different company (Alpha Contracts) has disappeared. We located the building email access was made from (narrowed it down to a few flats), but couldn’t get the actual flat without a Police “Reaper” request.

It’s now up to City of London Police to raid his flat/computers, but all the hard work has been done.

Now, I sit back and wait a result (hopefully).

Full credit to PC Chris Storey, his Sergeant, and Northumbria Police for getting stuck in where Action Fraud and Greater Manchester Police, and the Met all did nothing. Northumbria shouldn;t really have been involved, but finding a tenacious local copper who cares, made all the difference.

It was a full week of solid work getting this to a level of certainty where City of London Police can take it forward.

I’ll say (for all you worriers) that data protection was temporarily suspended in this case of a fraudster. My view is that theives don’t deserve its protection. DP is back, now, for my REAL customers.

Bear in mind that in every case, there was a real person (victim of ID theft) being spoofed. I’m mad that finance companies and banks and car dealers show no enthusiasm to catch people like this. They seem to view fraud as a cost of sales. That stinks.

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  1. Is this on going now? Or are you updating us over time and this is solved? Surely if he’s trying to steal from you he may follow Facebook and he’s got a heads up?

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