Nissan Navara Lease delivered to Peter Dea in Sandwell

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How much do I spend on stamps??? It must add up because I send every customer a nice thank-you letter. Peter Dea replied with a letter back to me about the Nissan Navara that was delivered, new. Here it is:

Peter says…
CarExcellent service, car in excellent condition with low delivery mileage. The Nissan Navara is a cracking car. I will definitely contact Ling for a new vehicle when the contract expires. My friends are now looking to use Ling, too. Thanks, Ling!

Peter Dea
B64 ***

Nissan NavaraEditor Note: Peter, well, not sure if the Navara qualifies as a “car” but what the hell, as long as you love it. As you are an NVQ assessor, I hope you give me top marks 🙂 See you in two years, and I hope you have LOADS of friends, hehehe. – Ling