Citroen C4 Lease delivered to Dean Thompson in Bridlington

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Inbetween all my bills and bank statements, I receive customer letters. Here one I pulled out to read from Dean Thompson, but I actually got it a while ago. It is about the delivery of their Citroen C4.

Dean says…
CarLing is great, Ling is cool, Ling gets the job done.

Citroen C4 Hatch was delivered on time, right colour (phew – Ling), no hassle. This is the 4th car we have had from Ling. LINGsCARS is the best! Delivery good, little to do, car arrived on time when it was supposed to.

Dean Thompson
YO16 ***

Citroen C4Editor Note: Dean, well, I am amazed the delivery was on time… I am told Bridlington is the UK equivalent of North Korea for remoteness :). So glad you are happy again, look forward to the next, and the next! I give you hyperlink. – Ling