*** PAID IN FULL! *** A week ago, some people…

*** PAID IN FULL! ***

A week ago, some people will remember that I launched a nasty nuclear mini-war regarding a conference-speaking debt of £1800 or so, that I was owed and chasing from 2013.

In Cardiff, I dressed up as a Dalek and gave a brilliant talk, back in 2013.

Well, encouraged by some of the other speakers, I went after the organiser who hadn’t paid me. I used public humiliation, plain-talking, Twitter, the power of Google to make my blog posts get to #1 position for the chap’s new business Google listing (within 1 hour!) and a bit of a mini-hate campaign here on FaceBook. I also chased via his wife’s business email, threatening more outing.

It wasn’t nice, but it was effective. I’d had enough.


The chap made two quick £400 payments, asking me to remove all my “name and shame” stuff (I did). Then this morning, he paid the balance (over £1k) into my bank. Ta-daaaaaa.

What a result! I might treat myself to business class seats on the plane to China next month when I do a Newcastle-Beijing-Chengdu-Newcastle trip.

I don’t re-name the culprit as I agreed to remove all references when he paid, but just thought that a lot of people who supported me (thx) would like to know of the success!

7 thoughts on “*** PAID IN FULL! *** A week ago, some people…”

  1. Yay, great result… Maybe we should start a page for all SME business owners – I’ve been down a few £k in the past by pricks with no comeback even after going to court!

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