Citroen C5 Lease delivered to Kevin French in Blackwood

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My letters webpage must be just about the longest on the internet! Currently, there are 1525 letters on my website. Letters are great, as they are like a window on my customers’ happiness. My good customer Kevin French wrote this one:

Kevin says…
carThe journey from order date to delivery date for my new Citroen C5 was extremely smooth. I always felt safe with the process and the Lingo System kept me constantly up to date with all that was happening. Delivered on time.

Kevin French
NP12 ***

Citroen C5Editor Note: Kevin, as a managing director, I appreciate your comments. “Extremely Smooth” will do me 🙂 That is what I want to hear. Have a great time in the C5, all my customers love those new-model cars. – Ling