Lexus IS Lease delivered to Ian McKenna in Redcar

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I have 1525 customer letters! This one was sent by Ian McKenna after they had been driving around a few weeks in their new Lexus IS

Ian says…
car“After searching with Lexus dealers and other suppliers, I emailed Ling. I thought “no way can this Chinese woman beat all these other proper companies”. I really thought I shouldn’t bother.

However, I did. And what happened? Online – instantly – Ling told me a price I couldn’t believe and she got a DIFFERENT Lexus dealer to deliver my new car the instant I signed the documents. Less than 1 week later I was sitting in my new car and I paid the lowest monthly rental in the UK. Just amazing. How on earth can Ling do it?

I was a bit taken aback at the “what you want?” approach after being schmoozed by Lexus dealers, but as Ling told me, she treats all cars like cans of beans – no status hang ups. But her service is outstanding. Well done, Ling!”

Ian McKenna
TS10 ***

Lexus ISEditor Note: Nice letter, thanks Ian. I must say that this delivery was fast because of an extraordinary Lexus dealer. He is the best I have found. I cannot always do things this fast, this was unusual. But why get stuck up on brands? It is only a badge and bloody Japanese as well! Anyway, another customer bites the dust, so glad you are happy with your Lexus IS220D SE, Ian! – Ling