Lexus IS Lease delivered to Sharon Barton in Ormskirk

Letter head
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Getting letters in the post is really nice. It makes a lovely change from getting email. This one was sent by Sharon Barton from Ormskirk. Amazingly, the postman didn’t steal it!

Sharon says…
CarLing, the whole service has been great. I had immediate response to my emails, post arrived when it should, my Lexus IS arrived when it was promised, and the prices were as stated on the website.

What more could you want?… plus, the Chinese cola Polos are tasty!

Sharon Barton
L39 ***

Lexus ISEditor Note: Sharon, I’m always amazed why it is surprising that all this stuff happens as it should. I expect it to! Why so many companies cannot manage this I just don’t know, eh? Your bling-bling Lexus is a lovely car, hope you enjoy it. Damn fast, too! – Ling