Ford Fiesta Lease delivered to Christopher Reed in Bury

Letter head
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Getting letters in the post is really nice. It makes a lovely change from getting email. This one was sent by Christopher Reed from Bury. Amazingly, the postman didn’t steal it!

Christopher says…
carLing, you provided an excellent service, which was hassle free, Fiesta arrived clean and on the date stated, the delivery man was pleasant – when I rent a new vehicle it will be from Ling. Thanks a lot Ling. Excellent delivery, no problems with dealer.

Christopher Reed
BL8 ***

Ford FiestaEditor Note: Hahahah, as if you were expecting problems with the dealer, Chris! Well, it was a car dealer, so I guess this is a normal expectation 🙂 Thanks for saying I gave an excellent service, it made me quite happy. – Ling