Different NOx levels on the Renault Captur

Everyone moans that things go up and up and up. Well, the CO2 on the Renault Captur 1.5 dCi 8v (90bhp) Dynamique Nav Hatchback 5dr 1461cc Diesel EDC Automatic has just come down! What a result! This post is to let you know.


As a bonus to add to your lower motoring costs, you will get every subsequent year’s road tax sent to you free of charge, saving you up to £385 per year, or £1,155 on a 3-year contract!

I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Quality from Bournemouth Univeristy in 2000, plus a BSc in Applied Chemistry from Jinan University, Guanzhou in 1997. So I have some idea what I am talking about, here. How many other people in the UK motor industry can say that?

The CO2 for this Renault Captur Diesel EDC Automatic is better than it was, at just 99g/km. It is a bit different if you look at a slightly different trim level.

My Renault Captur 1.5 dCi 8v (90bhp) Dynamique Nav Hatchback 5dr 1461cc Diesel EDC Automatic gearbox is only £204.40 inc VAT per month with 3 months initial payment, followed by 35 payments on direct debit. Business customers, make sure you deduct the VAT, when making decisions. As I can’t tell what type of customer you are (business or private), I can’t display the price any other way but to show VAT seperately (sorry!).

RenaultThis price on my Renault Captur includes full road tax for the length of the contract, on all of my cars and vans! Free delivery to your home or work and free collection from you at the end! £204.40 inc VAT per month is based on you driving 10,000 miles per annum, but higher mileages are usually available at a small extra cost. If you go over the allocated miles, you can pay a small excess mileage charge, usually between 3p and 15p per mile.

The comparative or “fridge” label, is compulsory in car showrooms – except you’ve got to DRIVE there to see it! I won an industry award for displaying it electronically for all website visitors. I am the proud winner of the 2008 Best Environmentalist 2008 Automotive Management Award. Like me, Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair talks straight about cars versus planes. “The usual horseshit”, he says. One day, every car will be as Green as my Jolly Green Nuclear Missile Truck “Calm down dear!” – it’s only done 1,000 miles since 1970.

Use higher gears, as soon as traffic conditions allow.

Look at this comment. It is not just me who is a mentalist.


I love this website. Best website ever.
Ryan Skorzewski, Chadwell Heath, RM6 4PT

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