Volkswagen Passat Lease delivered to Mike Porritt in Gateshead

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My letters webpage must be just about the longest on the internet! Currently, there are 1525 letters on my website. Letters are great, as they are like a window on my customers’ happiness. My good customer Mike Porritt wrote this one:

Mike says…

I am Managing Director of a car supermarket business with 5 sites (to date) and 500 cars in stock. Yet I STILL can’t run my own cars for staff and courtesy cars for customers as cheaply as you can supply them to me. So I am forced into the embarassing position of having to order from you; 1 x Merc E Class, 1 x BMW X5, 6 x VW Golfs, 2 X VW Tourans, 10 X Honda Jazz, 1 X SAAB Convertible, 1 X BMW Z4 and finally 1 X VW Passat, so far, this year.

The main way that my business undercuts the car supermarket and franchised car sales competition is by lowering costs and cutting overheads. Your contract hire cars, which are the cheapest in the industry, enable me to do that. If your turnover continues to grow as fast as it currently is, your car sales total (in £’s) will equal ours (with 50 staff and 5 sites) by the end of 2006! You are amazing.

Mike Porritt
Wellington Road
NE11 9HU

Volkswagen PassatEditor Note: Mr Mike Porritt, I declare interest here. You are good friend, and my husband has shareholding in your business. But, remarkably, what you say is true. Thanks – Ling