Mazda 6 Lease delivered to Catherine Johnston in Gloucester

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Does your cat eat letters when they come through your letter box? Mine does. Here’s a letter it missed, from Catherine Johnston in Gloucester. Bloody cat!

Catherine says…
car“Ling made my first experience at leasing a car simple and straightforward, handling everything from finance to delivery so efficiently. The time between finance being agreed and taking delivery of my car took longer than expected, but I am delighted with my new Mazda 6. The dealer was excellent with a helpful and friendly delivery service. Ling’s mad marketing techniques entertained me and made what could have been quite a dull transaction, fun. Thanks, Ling!”

Catherine Johnston
GL2 ***

Mazda 6Editor Note: Mazda;- so nice they cut off my supply twice! But now I am back, they learn lesson, eh? Catherine, I always say I cannot exactly control speed of delivery; if no physical cars in UK, I cannot swim to Japan to build one for you. Wait until Chinese begin to build new MG in the UK, there will be so many unsold that waiting time will be less than 1 minute. I hear rumour that Chinese Take-Aways to make up new franchise network for MG’s. In meantime enjoy Zoom-Zoom Mazda – Ling