Audi TT Coupe Lease delivered to Andrew Clark in London

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Inbetween all my bills and bank statements, I receive customer letters. Here one I pulled out to read from Andrew Clark, but I actually got it a while ago. It is about the delivery of their Audi TT Coupe.

Andrew says…
CarWhilst I knew I had ordered an Audi TT with a long lead-in February until September, Ling kept me full informed along the way and delivery was totally hassle free and spot on the agreed date. An excellent service all round and a bit of fun as well. Perhaps a little sceptical at the start but a firm believer at the end. A big thank you.

Andrew Clark
W4 ***

Audi TT CoupeEditor Note: Andrew, this must be a record lead-time for me. WoW! 8 months from ordering to delivery! Audi are really behind with TT production, glad you were patient enough to wait for the car 🙂 You were lovely… I know you didn’t believe me at first, but by the end you knew I was telling the exact truth with regard to the price and delivery time 🙂 As a business owner, I appreciate your comments. Thanks. – Ling