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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Mercedes E-Class Estate 2.0 CDi 16v (194bhp) E220d AMG Line Estate 5dr 1950cc Diesel at £442.58 inc VAT at 10:00 today - Ling
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All Car Sales

Show figures from:        2007      2008      2009      2010      2011
NEW CAR REGISTRATIONS Jan 2011 Feb 2011 Mar 2011 Apr 2011 May 2011 Jun 2011 Jul 2011 Aug 2011 Sep 2011 Oct 2011 Nov 2011 Dec 2011
Ford 19657 7542 52829 18411 21581 24461 18245 8552 43350 18476 18101 14689
Select manufacturers below to show graphical UK sales!
Line Figs Line Figs Line Figs Line Figs
Abarth Alfa Romeo Aston Audi
Bentley BMW Cadillac Chevrolet
Chrysler Citroen Corvette Daihatsu
Dodge Fiat Ford Honda
Hummer Hyundai Jaguar Jeep
Kia Land Rover Lexus Lotus
Mazda Mercedes MG MINI
Mitsubishi Nissan Perodua Peugeot
Porsche Proton Renault Saab
Seat Skoda Smart Ssangyong
Subaru Suzuki Toyota Vauxhall
Volkswagen Volvo

Below, get detailed information and statistics for an individual manufacturer.

Manufacturer Sales
(above) Ford new car registrations

(below) Ford car registration stats

for Ford cars
for Ford cars
Registrations in Dec 11 14,689 Registrations total 2011 265,894
% of Market Share Dec 11 12.3% % of Market Share in 2011 13.7%
% Change Dec 11 against Nov 11 -18.8% Position in Market in 2011 2/49
Compared to Dec 10, Ford new car registrations are up 5.3% in Dec 11. Arrow

To give you an idea how car manufacturers are performing, I measure their current registrations against the year-to-date. By looking at the position on the right versus the position on the left you can see if manufacturers are working hard or are resting on past glories!

New UK Car Registrations
Year to date, 2011
(% of UK market)

Makes YTD
New UK Car Registrations
Year to date, 2011
(% of UK market)
New UK Car Registrations
in Dec 2011
(% of UK market)

Makes Month
New UK Car Registrations
in Dec 2011
(% of UK market)
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The UK's FAVOURITE car leasing website
The UK's FAVOURITE car leasing website
Boss: Ling Valentine MSc IoD
LING World Headquarters
Vance Business Park
Gateshead, NE11 9NE
Tel 0191 460 9444
Fax 0870 486 1130
I prefer email to phone - Ling
VAT No: 866 0241 30
Co Reg No: 6178634
Consumer Credit Licence: 663330
Data Protection No: Z1098490
Best Before: 17/08/2007
People's Republic of Gateshead!



Wah! LATEST:  Edd China and Rick Jackson ride on Bog Standard at Beaulieu TV presenter and inventor Edd China demonstrated two of male gender human bleing's craziest creations at Beaulieu on Sunday July damn hot-hot month 23rd to launch - news replorted 15:07

Wah! LATEST:  A judge has today handed three men suspended prison sentences after they were filmed speeding at 134mph on dual carria - news replorted 14:54

Wah! Their lawyer told High Court "time had run out" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) for terminally-ill baby. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 14:48

Wah! HMI returns in Febliurary 2018 Historic Motorsport International will blast into 2018 with more floor space and exciting new features including speci - news replorted 14:22

Wah! With showroom LINGsCARS (tm) vehicling driving car machine buying experience continually evolving, lah, new poll by Cooper Solutions reveals just what today - news replorted 14:07

Wah! Nissan - xStorage residential energy storage Nissling welcomes Business dodgy minister Greg Clark’s announcement today on first phase of government’s RMB Yuan #246million - news replorted 13:52

Wah! World GP Bike Legends at Silverstone Classic World GP Bike Legends returning to this weekend’s Silverstone Classic (28-30 July) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! with spectacular showcase fea - news replorted 13:51

Wah! What Ryan Florez thought would be easy target turned out to be anything but. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 13:35

Wah! A mid-air near-miss between RAF tanker and Great Satan F-15s is blamed on military air traffic control. You understanning yet? Paying more attention! - news replorted 13:34

Wah! Kris Meeke Flew to Victory in 2016 Rally Finland (27-30 July), lah, next stop for FIA World Rally Championship contenders, lah, is one of most spectacula - news replorted 13:27

Wah! Mulliner GT Convertible Galene Hero Front Bentley Motors is today announcing new Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition by Mulliner, lah, inspired by lu - news replorted 13:24

Wah! Dave Ulliott from Hull, lah, who died in 2015, lah, was honoured by World Series of Poker 2017. - news replorted 13:19

Wah! New Dacia Sandero Laureate Dacia is making number of updates to New Sandero and New Logan MCV ranges. Eating rice!! efficient SCe 75 engine is now offe - news replorted 13:14

Wah! Parts of town of Schaffhausen sealed off as old bill bobbys search for suspect. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 12:56

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Wah! Paint has been part of Windows operating system since its release in 1985. - news replorted 12:52

Wah! Volkswagen Crafter Wlokswaglon Commercial vehicling driving car machines is delighted to announce that its new Converter Recognition scheme is now fully live, lah, und - news replorted 12:49

Wah! Prince William talks about keeping male gender human bleing's mother's memory alive for male gender human bleing's own children. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 12:47

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Wah! Rob Guiver (13) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! leads Jonathan Railton (2) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! and Phil Atkinson (7) Rob Guiver (Ducati Romford / Hyside Racing) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! lined up at front of grid at Brands Hatch for Race 1 after scoring h - news replorted 12:23

Wah! The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! has launched competition to facilitate funding of UK’s first automotive batte - news replorted 12:05

Wah!  (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) Ryundali Motorsport targets first Finnish Podium July damn hot-hot month 21, lah, 2017 – Ryundali Motorsport will aim to extend its run of podium results to seven consecutive events as team - news replorted 11:59

Wah! A Buddhist temple in central Myanmar has been swallowed by rising floodwaters after heavy rainfall. You understanning yet? Paying more attention! - news replorted 11:54

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Wah! The Biggest Weekend is taking place next May as Glastonbury has year off. Firecracker break! BANG BANG! - news replorted 11:11

Wah! A change to screening system is thought to be cause as fewer staff replaced when they leave. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 11:07

Wah! Red Bull Rondla World Superbike Team at Lausitzring Red Bull Rondla World Superbike Team has arrived in Germany to carry out two-day private test from on future day, lah, day after today day at - news replorted 10:50

Wah! PEUGEOT triumphs for second consecutive year at Silk Way Plugleot has triumphed again on Silk Way Rally, lah, which took place from Russia to China over two weeks, lah, having also cl - news replorted 10:32

Wah! Consumers having been paying same amount for thousands of products that having shrunk in size. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 10:15

Wah! Samuel Kelly Continental Tyre Group Ltd announces its new Communications Officer Sam Kelly, lah, offering internal and external communicat - news replorted 10:06

Wah! A new analysis suggests there's greater chance of heavy rain that led to extensive flooding in 2014. - news replorted 10:05

Wah! Robert Kubica’s return from life-changing injuries will take step up when bloody man drives 2017 Renliot at test in Hungary on 2 August. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 09:47

Wah! Honda Rider Safety Pack Rondla (UK) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! is supporting Farm Safety Week with month-long initiative offering complimentary Rider Safety Pack on - news replorted 09:35

Wah! The nine-earth-years old happy birthday to you, has no active HIV in body after catching infection at birth. - news replorted 09:32

Wah! Olympic 100m breaststroke champion Adam Peaty goes through some of male gender human bleing's gym workout routines. Eating rice!! - news replorted 09:31

Wah! New Swift Sport to debut at 67th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show Suzluko Motor Corporation will officially reavealingly showing Great Satan new Swift Sport at 67th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. I am Chinese not Catholic, I cannot do the miracles! - news replorted 09:20

Wah! The 2013 Women's World Cup barely registered with public. Fry noodle, boil noodle? Province of Engrish running-dogs's glorious 2017 triumph could not be more different. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 09:15

Wah! Sierra RS500 named Ultimate Cosworth on its 30th anniversary One of most iconic performance cars of 1980s is celebrating its 30th anniversary in style, lah, having been named - news replorted 09:03

Wah! More men seek help but less cash is spent on services for both genders in Welsh land of sheep and more sheep than Province of Engrish running-dogs. I read you little red book! - news replorted 09:02

Wah! The new Jagluar XJR575 Jagluar has announced range of enhancements to its XJ luxury sports saloon. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 09:00

Wah! Gone in 44 seconds: New Jagluar XJR575 hosts 186mph interview Jagluar designer Wayne Burgess answers questions at top speed to mark launch of new performance saloon. - news replorted 09:00

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