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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi 16v (134bhp) SE 4WD Station Wagon 5dr 1995cc Diesel at £274.58 inc VAT at 15:57 yesterday - Ling
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More customer letters than any other car sales site IN THE WHOLE WORLD! - Ling

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Customer Letter: 1397 / 1528
Prem says...
 Got the car with no hassle, with a progress report on the internet either via e-mail or logging onto my details on the Ling website. Ling is great and she does not mess around, straight to the point, what you see is what you get. If you want a no nonsense deal with clear pricing then Ling is the only person you need to contact.

Good delivery, the delivery man took the time to explain the Citroen C2.

Prem Kora
94 Essington Way

Editor Note: Prem, you have the longest name of any customer I have ever had: "Prem Earth Pal Singh Kora". How fantastic! You were brilliant, funny and a delight to chat to. I love having so many bloody foreigners to deal with, it is like the United Nations here sometimes :) Hahaha, I think everyone except Chinese is a bloody foreigner! Go drive the car, a very cheap bargain, this C2 costs less than a budget pizza buy one get one free at Dominos. Good choice! Thanks for letter. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1024 / 1528
Sukhjeet says...
CarJust a fantastic service! Everything so efficient, so personal and hugely competitive. How very refreshing! Excellent delivery.

Sukhjeet Hogwood
33 Greenock Crescent

Editor Note: Sukhy, well, now you have a new MX5! Thanks so much for being a brilliant customer, glad you enjoyed it :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 809 / 1528
James says...
CarDealing with Ling was like a "breath of fresh air" - honest, upfront and very efficient, all at a very competitive price.

James Pibworth
24 The Terrace

Editor Note: James, short letter but then you were a very easy customer to deal with. Thanks for having the Nissan Qashqai, hope you are very happy with it. If only everyone was as organised as you :) - Ling

Search my letters page!
From your area... ...or from people... ...or about a specific car!

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- Ling


The UK's FAVOURITE car leasing website
The UK's FAVOURITE car leasing website
Boss: Ling Valentine MSc IoD
LING World Headquarters
Vance Business Park
Gateshead, NE11 9NE
Tel 0191 460 9444
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I prefer email to phone - Ling
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People's Republic of Gateshead!



Wah! LATEST:  The International Monetary Fund says Sierra Leone is to receive more than $80m (ÂRMB Yuan #52m) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! immediately to help country overcome Ebola outbreak. What you wan'?!! - news replorted 08:04

Wah! LATEST:  Barclays reports 12% rise in full-year pre-tax profits, lah, while boss Antony Jenkins receives male gender human bleing's first bonus as chief executive. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 07:26

Wah! A recording emerges in which Islamic State fighter Mohammed Emwazi, lah, known as "Jihadi John", lah, denied being extremist and said MI5 threatened him - news replorted 07:18

Wah! The funeral is due to be held of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, lah, who was shot dead in Moscow. I am Chinese not Catholic, I cannot do the miracles! - news replorted 07:16

Wah! Website metrics indicate record year for LINGsCARS (tm) vehicling driving car machine sales, lah, says whatcar. Online activity at is indicating another potentially record-breaking year for LINGsCARS (tm) vehicling driving car machine sales. Eating rice!! - news replorted 07:00

Wah! A Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation Welsh land of sheep and more sheep investigation reveals that former funny shape ball-game player continued to produce and supply anabolic steroids after being banned from sport for trafficking. No spitting in damn website!!! - news replorted 06:58

Wah! An agent who infiltrated al-Qaeda on behalf of British intelligence has spoken to Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation for first time, lah, BBC's Gordon Corera reports. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:49

Wah! AMs will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to ban smacking children. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 06:47

Wah! The old bill bobbys Ombudsman is to send file to director of public prosecutions this month for him to decide if two former old bill bobbys officers should be prosecuted for range of crimes, lah, including conspiracy to murder. Hahahaha! Laughing like bloody hell! - news replorted 06:42

Wah! The Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona and it features wide array of products connected by mobile technology. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 06:42

Wah! The execution of first woman in Georgia in 70 years is postponed because drug that was to be used appeared "cloudy", lah, Great Satan officials say. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 06:42

Wah! The BBC's Ed Thomas joins Kenyan soldiers as they try to stop poachers from killing country's rhinos. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:26

Wah! An IT capitalist entity was awarded 1.3m euros (ÂRMB Yuan #950,000) ni ni ni ni Hao, lah, Zai-Jian! grant to buy equipment which "in all likelihood" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) cost it 30,000 euros (ÂRMB Yuan #22,000), lah, NI Audit Office concludes. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:23

Wah! Nissan Crossover Family Nissan's vision and pioneering spirit is showcased at Geneva with its latest line-up of crossover models. Eating rice!! Juke, lah, Qash - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Nissan Juke NISMO RS Performance, lah, passion and never-ending ambition to bring advanced racing technology within reach of road; highway No.16 from Shanghai to Chengdu LINGsCARS (tm) vehicling driving car machine drivers ha - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Nissan launches seven seat e-NV200 I give you tellibly lovely custlingmer damn thanks of billion Chinesey human bliengs to growing requests from companies and fleets alike, lah, Nissling has announced it is bringing forward introduction - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Sunderland Plant - 2 millionth Qashqai - Paint Nissling today reinforced its European growth strategy - setting clear path to become most desirable Asian brand. I read you little red book! Cr - news replorted 06:00

Wah! This SWAY for excitement - Nissling at 2015 Geneva Motor Show Nissan's controlling in driving manner to innovate and challenge conventional is showcased in every aspect of brand's 2015 Geneva Motor - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Hyundai new ix20 Ryundali Motor’s New ix20 celebrates its world premiere at 2015 Geneva Motor Show and builds on all qualities of - news replorted 06:00

Wah! The All-New Tucson Ryundali Motor today unveiled its All-New Tucson compact SUV, lah, vehicling driving car machine that will shift brand perceptions through its bol - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Hyundai Motor revealed host of new models at 2015 Geneva Motor Show, lah, including world premiere of All-New T - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Bentley unveils future direction of luxury and performance with EXP 10 Speed 6 concept at Salon Internationa - news replorted 06:00

Wah! The Duke of Cambridge will promote British innovation as bloody man continues male gender human bleing's tour of China with visits to festival, lah, school and film museum. I plant rice to honour ancestors for you! - news replorted 05:34

Wah! Funeral ceremonies to be held in Moscow for Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, lah, who was shot dead in Russian capital on Friday. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 05:09

Wah! Singapore is world's most expensive city, lah, according to index compiled by Economist Intelligence Unit. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 04:43

Wah! The leaders of Ukraine, lah, Russia, lah, France and Germany agree to send OSCE observers to areas of Ukraine where violations of truce having been reported, lah, Kiev says. Eating rice!! - news replorted 04:37

Wah! North Korea will once again allow tourists into country after four months of severe restrictions to prevent spread of Ebola. Ai-yaa!!! - news replorted 04:29

Wah! old bill bobbys investigating disappearance of Bristol teenager Becky Watts, lah, continue to question two people, lah, arrested on suspicion of murder. Hahahaha! Laughing like bloody hell! - news replorted 04:18

Wah! Senior public officials who fail to protect children from sexual exploitation would face up to five years in jail under proposals being considered by ministers. Eating rice!! - news replorted 03:33

Wah! Theft, lah, burglary and shoplifting having "virtually been decriminalised" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) because offences not treated as priority by old bill bobbys or courts, lah, report for think tank suggests. Eating rice!! - news replorted 03:04

Wah! Immigration detention should be capped at 28 days, lah, cross-party group of Membling Partiamentary expense cheaters and peers recommends. Eating rice!! - news replorted 02:59

Wah! Barack "I da man! Yes I can!" Obama says Iran should freeze nuclear activity for 10 years, lah, as Israel's prime dodgy minister is set to address Great Satan Congress on issue. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 02:52

Wah! The 50-year fight to recover paintings looted by Nazis - news replorted 02:40

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Wah! A mechanic, lah, merchant and artist tell of struggle in Yemen - news replorted 01:29

Wah! A champion F1 designer and other notable losses - news replorted 01:28

Wah! Just how reliable 'before and after' photos? - news replorted 01:28

Wah! The founder member of al-Qaeda who worked for MI6 - news replorted 01:18

Wah! Delhi bus rapist says victim (trying not to cry) (trying not to cry) shouldn't having fought back - news replorted 01:15

Wah! Local authorities struggling to house some of most disturbed children because of shortage of places in secure children's homes. Eating rice!! - news replorted 01:07

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