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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Jaguar XJ Saloon 3.0 D V6 (300bhp) Luxury Saloon 4dr 2993cc Diesel at £554.80 inc VAT at 15:39 on 22nd Jun - Ling
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More customer letters than any other car sales site IN THE WHOLE WORLD! - Ling

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Customer Letter: 1436 / 1528
Andrew says...
NISSAN QASHQAII would, and have, highly recommended LINGsCARS. Will use again in three years. Highly professional, efficient, great customer service and you are treated like a person, not a number. Humorous on top. Loved getting responses, and sweets.

Andrew Ross
7 Bernwood Grove
SO45 1ZW

Editor Note: WoW! Glad you found the sweets to your liking (many spit them out, hahaha!). Of course you are a person, Mr 376438964, I hate to treat you like a number :) Thanks for comments! Thanks for Qashqai order! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1415 / 1528
Judith says...
MAZDA 2Very painless service and exceptionally easy. No problem, very good communication etc. Have already recommended to friends. Excellent delivery, really friendly and professional.

Judith Randall
Duncan Road, Park Gate
SO31 1BD

Editor Note: That's great! Glad you enjoyed getting the new Mazda 2, Judith. As you are an IT Analyst, I appreciate comments about the communication etc. Thanks! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1317 / 1528
Name says...
FORD FIESTABrilliant service!! LINGsCARS was efficient and prompt with any correspondence. A fun way to lease a car as it makes the boring stuff easier to understand. Thanks for all your help! Lombard (finance company) were average.

Name Withheld for celeb security
Address Withheld
SO30 ***

Editor Note: Yes, Lombard are average. This is so true. Glad you thought my service was brilliant. If only finance companies could be brilliant, too. Still, I enjoyed the bright pink ink on your letter :) Hope you lovvvvvve the Fiesta, *** - in black it is a sexy little car! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1306 / 1528
Oliver says...
 Dear Ling

Thank you for your assistance in sorting the SAAB 9-3. The car is great, the dealer was brilliant and the contracted price is superb. Lingo was brilliant, I liked kicking you. The sweets are nasty. Thanks once more and we'll be in touch next time we need a car! Excellent delivery.

Oliver Hewitt
Office Furniture And Interiors Limited
Crosshouse Road
SO14 5GZ

Editor Note: Oliver, yes, yes, the sweets are horrible!!! Hahaha. I enjoy sending them to customers and waiting for disgusted reaction. You should be lucky to survive! :) SAAB is great car, despite the GM problems at the moment. I sell loads. Glad you liked the LINGO system. Thanks for kind words about the dealer, they will appreciate that, I will pass on. Talk soon! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1212 / 1528
Richard says...
FORD MONDEO ESTATEA unique experience - professional with a bit of craziness thrown in. Excellent communication throughout. A first class service. Excellent delivery of my new Mondeo Estate, prompt efficient and careful.

Richard Hookings
2 Powdrill Cottages, Loperwood Lane
SO40 2RL

Editor Note: Hahahaha, a bit of craziness! BRRRRRRRRAKK-KA-KA-KA! In the boring world of miserable clone car dealers, craziness livens stuff up. Glad you thought "Excellent", that is my goal. Cheers Richard! - Ling

Customer Letter: 873 / 1528
Jonathan says...
CarLing is a car-buying revolution. I was able to test-drive the model at a local dealer and then ordered online. Ling really understands customer service, the process was easy and the car was delivered on time to Winchester. Delivery was excellent, a clean car, hassle free delivery and a charming driver. I will use LINGsCARS again! Thank you.

Jonathan White
3 Canute Road
SO23 0PW

Editor Note: No, no... thank YOU, Jonathan! You are a solicitor, so I appreciate your statement, for the benefit of the tape :). Please enjoy your new Corolla verso, these cars are 1) cheap, 2) great, 3) reliable. Toyota dealers know the meaning of good service... usually. This one is great. The dealers generally hate me for the way you can test drive in person then buy online. They usually scream at me. Go and sue someone for a small injury and pay for your diesel for the next year! :) Enjoy! - Ling

Customer Letter: 788 / 1528
Vikki says...
CarWell done, Ling. Great Service and excellent patience! Excellent delivery. The Zafira is wonderful and was delivered within 24 hours of our cheque arriving at Ling HQ. Enough said. Thanks.

Vikki Dufosse
4 Watkin Road
SO30 2TD

Editor Note: Vikki, I should point out that this is extremely fast delivery, i can't always manage this. Everyone reading this, please take note. Enjoy the bloody Zafira. Great car, cheap price! - Ling

Customer Letter: 763 / 1528
Steven says...
CarLINGsCARS have been the best priced so far, as I have done a lot of research. I first looked at Ling's site one year ago when I was considering whether to buy or lease my next car. I asked her lots of questions and got quotes for other makes of cars. She always replied promptly to all my questions.

Her site has bags of info on it, and is really easy to use. Other companies just don't compare and she also gives you a free lunch! My Vauxhall Corsa SRi was delivered early in the morning (good), excellent delivery.

Steven Bhagwanani
Pitmore Lane
SO41 8LL

Editor Note: Steven, well, I still can't say your surname, but you have been a lovely customer. Plus you sent me the Chinese RMB yuan back, as you said you didn't want my sister in trouble, in China. Thanks for all your time and trouble, I appreciate when customers choose cars carefully. Worth to check back a few times, bargains always come up :) You are a house builder, so I expect LOADS of business from you in the future, I am sure you will be worth £ millions, soon. - Ling

Customer Letter: 443 / 1528
Tina says...
MAZDA MX-5"Thanks for you excellent customer service and very competitive price on my new Mazda MX-5. Excellent delivery."

Tina Monaghan
20 Mead Road
Chandler's Ford
SO53 2EZ

Editor Note: Tina, your order was one of the smoothest and simplest I had all year. Your parerwork was fantastic, perhaps you could teach some other customers how to write in English, not Swahili :))) Enjoy MX-5 - Ling

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