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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Citroen C1 1.2 PureTech 12v (82bhp) Flair Hatchback 5dr 1199cc Petrol at £130.58 inc VAT at 11:10 today - Ling
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Customer Letter: 1434 / 1528
Kenneth says...
MAZDA 6Hi Ling. New car arrived bang on the nail as promised. It has been a pleasure to deal with you, I appreciate the frequent responsive communication. Excellent delivery of my Mazda 6, arrived at the time and date specified.

Kenneth Campbell
18 Saddleback Road

Editor Note: Great stuff. As you are MD of a training company, I really appreciate the comments. Was fantastic chatting to you. Hope the Mazda does the job well for you! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1407 / 1528
Ian says...
CITROEN C3 PICASSOLing, we have had our C3 Picasso for a while now and really like it! The whole process was made very easy by yourself and also fun! I would recommend you to anyone looking for a new car. I wish some of my customers were as easy to deal with! Delivery was excellent, very prompt efficient and friendly.

Ian Morris
White Horse Scientific
The Coach House
Globe House, Chruch Lane
Wilcot, Pewsey

Editor Note: Hahaha, customers can be funny onions, eh, Ian... but you were great. You supply laboratory equipment, so I am glad to meet your exacting standards. Enjoy the C3 Picasso, these are really great cars! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1246 / 1528
Andrew says...
 Go Ling! Placed order for a C Crosser on 26th of Feb, having been let down by Flexxilease (took my car early and had no good deals!). Had been a loyal Flexxilease customer since 2005 but no longer! The lease car siren Ling has seduced me away with her great deals, excellent online ordering and message system and lovely Chinese sweets and smile.

Being a nerd I particularly like the LINGO online system where you can scan and upload all the ID, docs etc. needed to get the lease in place. Only the final lease doc comes via snail mail for your signature. The built in message system is also a dream with a record of all your chats and REALLY quick replies from Ling.

Anyway after being left with only my Austin Allegro to get two kids around in I was pleased with the speed and smoothness of dealing with Ling, The car arrived when arranged on the 19th and I've been stretching out in it ever since. Only bump in the road was down to the Royal mail and their inability to delivery stuff [tax disc] and then remember where they put it, seems to be a problem in my village! Ling was super quick in giving me the ref. to track the package and retrieve from the Royal Mail. Orcs!

(ORCS - Ling)

I cannot stress enough how good the whole system Ling has in place that takes you from quote to delivery. Have recommended Ling to friends and family aplenty. Thanks from the Smith family!

BTW I am a Mac using designer type and I LOVE your website design!

Andrew Smith
Sugarway Ltd
Court House
Crooked Corner

Editor Note: Right, well, where do I start with this nutter customer, hahahahaha?!! :) Andrew, you wanted me to call you "Master" all the time, which is just weird! Then you make the Orc noise. And you have a Mac and an Allegro. You are a complete nutter! I agree Flexxilease are not, errr... how to say, ... the most responsive company. I have no idea what "siren" means, except that I sound like a Fire Engine. I do understand that point of view.

I send the final lease doc by snail mail because the security of using a hand delivery and verifying your address; if I email the docs, you could be some Russian scammer. Enjoy the bloody C Crosser! :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 1238 / 1528
Huw says...
 Ling brings a refreshing alternative fun approach to buying a car. Her off the wall approach is accompanied by value for money and an excellent service. My daughters loved the sweets! Good delivery, my Vauxhall Zafira arrived early. The delivery driver was polite and helpful.

Huw Jones
Address Withheld due to Iranian Navy hostage-taking
SN12 ***

Editor Note: Aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggh! You should not feed the poison Chinese sweets to children, Huw. While kids are at a sensitive growth stage, the chemicals can have weird effects. Still, you can lock them in the Zafira and let them take out their hypo-activity on the car. Thanks for sweet (hehehe) letter! Enjoy the Zafira! As you are Royal Navy Commander (like James Bond), I withhold your address so the Iranians cannot take you hostage. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1197 / 1528
Stephen says...
 Ling, thanks for the whole experience. From take off to landing the whole process was quick and simple. What a great idea the Lingo area is. You can see the current status and history in a second. We'll be back! Delivery of my new SAAB was good.

Stephen Fox
27 Kelly Gardens
SN25 4YH

Editor Note: Stephen, thanks for great comments. I put a lot of effort into my LINGO area. Shame only customers get to see it. Bet you look cool in your new SAAB Sportwago, see you in a couple of years. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1095 / 1528
Ralph says...
 Ling, I continue to sing your praises to anybody who will listen. Great Customer Service. In fact I simply repeat my praise from my last order:

Great car; great service, great Ling. ...All the very best

Ralph Melhuish
Address withheld
Shrivenham, Swindon
SN6 ***

Editor Note: Ralph, you are superstar, you are also Group Captain in the RAF so I withhold your address for security from the Taliban. It is always a pleasure to deal with you, and see your driving licence with the giant moustache and Biggles scarf. Please pass details to rest of RAF. I must say I have supplier about 6 RAF officers, this year! - Ling

Customer Letter: 844 / 1528
Kate says...
CarI'm loving my new car, the BMW 116. The process to get it was really straightforward and nice to have a refreshingly fun approach to doing business. Prices were amazing, which was the clincher. Good delivery.

Kate Mills
HHR Consulting
The Coach House
Old Hardenhuish Lane
SN14 6HH

Editor Note: Kate, thanks so much for your letter. Your company, HHR Consulting has many of the same values as I do. You offer value for money. You don’t ever charge percentage fees, you don’t have high overheads that you expect people to cover, you absorb most expenses into your rates and you never charge more than the amount agreed. Amazing, huh? Enjoy that BMW! Gotta have fun!!!! - Ling

Customer Letter: 775 / 1528
Justin says...
CarGood service, thank you. See you in 18 months for my next car. Excellent delivery of my Alfa 159, very professional.

Justin Ewart
Address Withheld
SN13 ***

Editor Note: Justin, so glad to get your note. Thanks. Enjoy the Alfa 159, these are lovely cars, fast and stylish. - Ling

Customer Letter: 715 / 1528
Samuel says...
CarLing, I couldn't be happier with the service you provided for me. Thank you. I would not hesitate to recommend you (LINGsCARS) to anyone interested in leasing a car.

Samuel Maddock
42 Freestone Way
SN13 9EE

Editor Note: Sam, well, you had a 150bhp 1.9 Astra for a bargain price, no wonder you are pleased. These Astras are so good, a million miles away from Astras of a few years ago. They are VERY popular. You are an osteopath, so maybe you can send me some magic potion to cure my bad back, from too many hours on my computer :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 437 / 1528
Martin says...
SEAT TOLEDO"I emailed at least 20 leasing companies. LINGsCARS was the first one to reply of the three that bothered. A very efficient service, always keeping me up to date and replying to any queries and questions within 24 hours. Competitive prices and a sense of humour. Seat Toledo delivered within 3-weeks. Would recommend to anyone. Only fly in the ointment was that my car's warranty and breakdown info was missing on delivery."

Martin Pickett
15 Falkner Close

Editor Note: 24 Hours! Wow, 24 minutes more like :) ...yes Martin, this bloody dealer has now delivered two cars without the service books. These have followed in the post. But it is not good enough and I have terminated them. There are plenty more dealers in the UK begging for my business. Glad you like the 140bhp fast car, and fast service :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 436 / 1528
Stephen says...
 "The car is great, delivery was good; friendly and prompt - early in fact. I got all that I requested in my Zafira ie. make, model, colour, engine size etc BUT why such a high initial payment? Other than that, fab service, thanks."

Stephen Piper
3 Acre Lane

Editor Note: Hmmm, Stephen, I must say I am not sure what you mean by "such a high initial payment". Your Vauxhall Zafira was on my standard payment terms, that's 3 x monthly rentals as an initial payment up front. It's simply the way this works. The finance companies want a small comfort up front and that's what I charge. It is industry-standard. But I'm glad you were happy, that's great! - Ling

Customer Letter: 414 / 1528
Ralph says...
 "Great website, great service, great car, great Ling! Delivery courteous and on time."

Ralph Melhuish
4 Stallpits Road

Editor Note: Ralph, you had a Toyota Corolla Verso and that is a favourite car with my customers! Everyone loves them. Thanks for the biz and I note that as I type this, you are talking to me about a second car - Ling

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Wah! A Thai man is recovering in hospital after python emerged from toilet and sank its fangs into male gender human bleing's penis. Eating rice!! - news replorted 02:49

Wah! Errors that led to fingerprint and DNA records of hundreds of terrorism suspects being deleted were more widespread than thought, lah, it has emerged. I read you little red book! - news replorted 02:37

Wah! The bloody annoying Blitish is set to send another warship to Mediterranean to help tackle people-smuggling and movements of arms in and out of Libya, lah, officials say. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 02:00

Wah! The future of planned new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, lah, in Somerset, lah, remains in doubt as key French unions raise concerns over its cost, lah, Newsnight learns. Eating rice!! - news replorted 01:32

Wah! A Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation debate on EU referendum is held in Glasgow with audience of voters aged between 18 and 29, lah, and focusing on issues affecting young people. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 01:03

Wah! Husband's online account of fertility problems strikes chord - news replorted 01:02

Wah! Where was Angelina Jolie made professor? - news replorted 01:00

Wah! The fallout from release of figures showing bloody annoying Blitish net migration has risen to near record level attracts headlines on Friday. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 00:51

Wah! How hard is it to be Syrian refugee with disability? - news replorted 00:48

Wah! Google wins legal battle against Oracle to using Java software in its Android operating system. I plant rice to honour ancestors for you! - news replorted 00:46

Wah! A victim (trying not to cry) (trying not to cry) of nuclear bombing, lah, Sadako Sasaki is remembered through symbolic folding of paper cranes, lah, sent from around world to flemale human person's hometown of Hiroshima. Ai-yaa!!! - news replorted 00:43

Wah! Google wins major Great Satan court battle with software firm Oracle when jury rules it did not unfairly appropriate parts of Java programming language. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 00:27

Wah! Young Scots from disadvantaged areas four times less likely to go to university than those from wealthy backgrounds, lah, researchers find. I read you little red book! - news replorted 00:22

Wah! A million more young human bliengs likely to find themselves living with their parents over next decade, lah, according to insurlince capitalist entity Aviva. Ai-yaa!!! - news replorted 00:09

Wah! Cerys Matthews with Klia Soul EV Cerys Matthews’ new song Float On Down To Monte Carlo has been recorded entirely within collection of electric cars, lah, i - news replorted 00:01

Wah! Why women banned from 35-mile-long Greek peninsula? - news replorted 00:00

Wah! How 'robo recruiters' could be denting your as really velly special customer's job prospects - news replorted 00:00

Wah! How 1986 Real Madrid game kick-started Champions League - news replorted 00:00

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