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UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDi Bluemotion Tech 16v (140bhp) R Line (Nav) 4WD Station Wagon 5dr 1968cc Diesel at £380.66 inc VAT at 14:43 today - Ling
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Customer Letter: 1498 / 1528
Stephen says...
 I wanted to write to you with some feedback now that we have had our Qashqai+2 for a couple of months. What an experience - not what we were expecting from a car leasing company - so much more of a fun experience ordering and keeping up to date with progress on delivery - well done Ling for communicating with your customers so well! It makes a great change to deal with someone who talks straight - shockingly straight at times!... But we felt that even though the car arrived later than we hoped, you were doing everything you could to get it sorted and that was really appreciated!

In a World of automated and boring email interactions it was a refreshing change to experience Lingo, so "fanks vedy mush Ling!!"

Stephen Moore
35 Aldworth Avenue
OX12 7EJ

Editor Note: Wow!! Thanks so much for comment Steve! These cars have been taking ages as the factory in Sunderland have been very busy, but they are great cars! Hope you have a super time in your new 7-seater! Really nice to get a brilliant note like this, what a surprise on a busy post-bank holiday morning :) Glad you liked the chat, I enjoyed it - it is great to have happy customers! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1453 / 1528
Nigel says...
HONDA CIVICThe most efficient company I have ever dealt with on the internet. Brilliant service getting my new Honda Civic – well done!! Will recommend. Dealer was excellent, no complaints whatsoever! Great :o)

Nigel Purvis
8 Winter Gardens Way
OX16 1UT

Editor Note: Nig, well thanks so much. You run a number plate business (Silwood Number Plates), so anyone trying to spot you car needs only to look for the gold leopard-skin diamante number plates on your car, NIG 1. Good job you are white fella, man. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1337 / 1528
Darryll says...
HONDA CR-VLINGsCARS is a great company to do business with. The messages are clear and the staff are very helpful. Would do business again with Ling. Excellent delivery of my Honda CR-V.

Darryll Finch
20b Oakley Road
OX39 4HB

Editor Note: You work for Tracker, so I hope you don't lose your new CRV, Darryll! Hehehe. I do my best to make you happy, I even sent you some mats because Honda are miserable and don't include them with the car. Thanks for sweet comments. Staff are well trained! Using big stick (no carrot), hahahaha. Hope you enjoy the car. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1116 / 1528
Sarah says...
VAUXHALL CORSALing Valentine, the crazy woman off the telly. The dragons missed out 'cause Ling's service is quality, so is my Corsa. As is her website and I love Lingo. No issues with delivery, done + dusted within 4 weeks. Well done Ling – I got the car I wanted and the colour I wanted, you did better than the local dealer and I thank you. Excellent delivery, great car, delivered to my door before 9.30am. Impressive - shame the delivery man had to make is own way home, bless him!

Sarah Lewis
8 Brook Lane

Editor Note: Hahahahaha, he is still probably thumbing the lift. I save money on deliveries by forcing the driver to walk home. Especially when it's raining. You seem happy, Sarah. Glad about that, you have a great new Corsa for 3-years, now. - Ling

Customer Letter: 841 / 1528
Rob says...
CarIt was a pleasure to deal with a "real" human being. All of my queries were answered quickly and satisfactorily. I am over the moon with the car - what a great value for money. This was really a case of "a lot of car" for the money! Thanks again. I'll be back!! My Saab 9-3 Vector Anniversary was delivered in good condition on the day specified.

Rob Edmunds
10 Sherbourne Road
OX28 5FH

Editor Note: Happy, happy, happy, to get such a happy letter. Yes, you got a SAAB for the price of a much cheaper car, and these are loaded with extras. Pass on my info to friends, my offers change all the time, so I can never guarantee the same rates on the same cars, but there are always bargains! Thanks, Rob. - Ling

Customer Letter: 832 / 1528
Matt says...
CarHi Ling, firstly thank you for putting the Audi A3 on your list of cars for personal lease. The car is fantastic and overall a very fast delivery. No one could provide me with an A3 quicker than you, at the lowest price! It was about 3 to 4 weeks from placing the order to collection of the car. I cannot fault any of the process, except the nasty sweets you gave me from China! Delivery was excellent, very friendly and helpful.

Matt Tully
address withheld
OX9 ***

Editor Note: Mark, I remove your address as you request. Thanks so much for the letter, but I can't always get A3s this fast. There is usually a waiting list. Glad you enjoyed my service; I agree the sweets are awful, but they make the car taste sweeter, hahaha! :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 646 / 1528
Mark says...
CarDear Ling

Car arrived on time and the driver was a very nice man from Renault L*****. I did the check in bright sunlight and did not notice two small paint blemishes on the bonnet on the front drivers side and top passenger side.

I have taken pictures of the blemishes with my mobile. They are attached.

Apart from that the car is beautiful and drives like a dream and I am extremely happy with the service you have provided for me. You have answered countless e-mails, most of them pointless drivel.

I have evangalised about you to everyone I meet both professionally and socially and will be coming back in 2 years for an upgrade!!

Mark Keenan
Chief Executive Officer, Divorce-Online
18 Marcham Road
OX14 1AA

Editor Note: Mark, hahaha, you are a fantastic customer, not often I meet other web-entrepreneurs with such great businesses as yours. If anyone wants a divorce, I recommend you (not from personal experience, just because you are really great person). Regarding the blemishes... this happens. Well done for taking photos of them, I post below. You have a choice. Either we get them mended free, or the car goes back with them still there and you aren't penalised. Well done for taking the photos! Every customer should take photos of problems. Bear in mind this is a Renault, not a Rolls Royce, but is still should be quite perfect. Bloody French, hehehe.

Mark's blemishes (above) - Ling

Customer Letter: 631 / 1528
Jason says...
CarBrilliant. A pleasure to deal with - straight forward, simple quotes followed by a super-fast service. Excellent delivery of my Passat TDi, on time. Pleasant. Thanks a million.

Jason Smith
Integration Technology Ltd
115-119 Heyford Park,
Upper Heyford
OX25 5HA

Editor Note: Jason Smith, you are so economical with your words, but that makes easy life for me, less typing, hehehe. Great customer, no fuss, you knew what you wanted. Enjoy the new VW Passat! I give you a hyperlink. Integration Technology is the world leader in the application UV curing systems for the inkjet sector worldwide. It manufactures UV curing systems, in a variety of sizes with wide ranging power levels, to suit all inkjet applications. And you, Jason, are Da Boss! - Ling

Customer Letter: 578 / 1528
Jason says...
CarCar turned up this morning, excellent. This has been completely hassle free. Thanks for all your hard work, it's pleasure dealing with you.

Jason Smith
115-119 Heyford Park
Upper Heyford
OX25 5HA

Editor Note: Jason, wow, you are at Upper Heyford! When that was a Ronald Reagan air base, my husband sat outside to watch the F1-11's coming back from bombing Ghadaffi in Libya. Anyway, now the F1-11's are replaced by a new VW Passat, try not take it on bombing missions. Finance company will go mad if the car is damaged. - Ling

Customer Letter: 407 / 1528
Christie says...
VAUXHALL ZAFIRA"Refreshing to receive a great service. No hard sell, no falseness - does exactly what it says on the tin! I received my car in less than three weeks from my initial enquiry - unbelieveable! My Zafira arrived early with great service. Excellent. A great, fresh approach. Would recommend to anyone."

Christie Bytom
Address withheld
OX9 ***

Editor Note: Christie, thank goodness you were so happy, after my terrible experience with Nissan dealer a few hours before (see below). These new Vauxhall Zafiras are fantastic cars, so cheap at around £7 a day and brilliant to drive. Glad you were pleased. Phew - Ling

Customer Letter: 327 / 1528
Paul says...
 "Hi Ling, I received my Mazda RX-8 just over a week ago and I am really pleased with it. A great car at a fantastic price. Many thanks for your efficient service. The car arrived at 9am on the stated delivery day. The dealer was excellent. I will be back in two years for another great deal!"

Paul Brant
58 Corncrake Way
OX26 6UE

Editor Note: Wah, I'm glad you like the service, Paul! Enjoy bloody nice Mazda RX-8 - Ling

Customer Letter: 268 / 1528
Tim says...
CarHi, Ling

Great work getting me into my first lease car. I couldn't believe it was so easy and stress free. I should have done it years ago. The Renault Scenic is superb. If only it had been so easy to get rid of my old car! The dealer was excellent, delivered the right car on the right day. Thanks for everything.

Tim Willmer
7 Myers Way
OX17 3DY

Editor Note: Everything went nice and smoothly with your car, I'm so glad you are happy, Tim. I ran a Renault Scenic for 6 months, about 2-years ago now, and I really enjoyed to drive it - Ling

Customer Letter: 174 / 1528
Phil says...
Best site I have ever seen on the Internet. Gives me happy joy love feeling.

Phil May
University of Oxford
Dept of Engineering

Editor Note: Wow, that because site engineered by me! Not sure about happy joy love... I do not give anyone "personal touch service"!!! as Solicitor tells everyone, letter above this one. You want engineer Chinese massaggie, you go Beijing! Plenty there - Ling

Customer Letter: 171 / 1528
Rob says...
CarThis is truly the most amazing site that I have stumbled upon. Incidentally, I do actually want a car, too! Thank you for being so passionate about your business and so brilliantly funny. After 3 hours of trawling the net for my new car, I am glad that I found you.

But are you competitive? BMW 3 series DSE, or new Disco 3 D. Or maybe Alfa GT 3.2 V6? What should I have - in black with full moo interior?

Rob Baker
64 Waller Drive
OX16 9NR

Editor Note: Wah, wah, wah... after 3 hours typing out your letter, you must be most indecisive customer this week. But I like your letter, so I reply with Ling Alfa Romeo Rant: Your car choices SO different!!! What you want??? Instead Discovery, why not RR Sport? On list if you look. Because you only rent, Alfa is a possibility (if you actually buy only complete madman with burning money would buy Alfa). But you would get to know damn awful idiot Alfa dealer very well when it regularly breaks down. Every Alfa dealer is bad (like ultimate failed BMW dealer). Every Alfa breaks down. They are built by out-of-season grape picking itinerant Southern Italian gypsies (no offence). Also my husband's car supermarket sells more cars from 4 sites each month than Alfa Romeo do from all dealers in whole of UK. Alfa dying slowly, killed by inept management, bad workers, even worse dealers. Maybe new German Stuurmanfuhrer UK boss (no offence) will save them? ...No, you should choose BMW, the quality car with quality service. Bargain is BMW Z4 leather, if you can make do with just 2 seats, I borrowed one in May to try. Very damn nice! - Ling

Customer Letter: 151 / 1528
Michelle says...
CarWe would just like to say that we are very happy with our BMW X3. Ling was very helpful from the start and was a pleasure to lease from.

She said we would receive our BM at the end of May and we got it at the end of May. We are very happy with the whole leasing process through Ling.

Michelle Eeley
6 Park Road
OX29 8NA

Editor Note: Michelle, my trick is easy... I simply tell truth! Enjoy X3! - Ling

Customer Letter: 127 / 1528
Paul says...
Excellent, website is also useful for stress-relief as it's very possible to spend an hour or so laughing at all the little jokes and so on. Also great fun for when my parner (from Chinese mainland - Dalian) is away, so I can remind myself of her Chinglish :) So sweet! Thanks for site!

Paul Rosen
5 Field House Drive

Editor Note: For those who not know, Dalian is in north of China; very cold in winter. Hope partner goes back in summer! Thanks for compliments Paul.- - Ling

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Wah! A teaching assistant is charged with using pupil's email account to send bomb threat to school where bloody woman worked. I read you little red book! - news replorted 12:21

Wah! Bolivia's Defence dodgy minister Jorge Ledezma is sacked after bloody man travelled to neighbouring Chile wearing vest with controversial motto. Ai-yaa!!! - news replorted 12:18

Wah! British world number one taekwondo fighter Aaron Cook confirms bloody man plans to represent Moldova at Rio Olympics. Eating rice!! - news replorted 12:15

Wah! A Mafia boss set to be extradited to serve jail term in Italy after bloody man lived for more than 20 years in London (capital of Great England) has male gender human bleing's sentence dropped by Italian authorities. Eating rice!! - news replorted 12:11

Wah! The productivity of bloody annoying Blitish workforce remains slightly lower than in 2007, lah, marking "unprecedented absence" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) of growth in post-war era, lah, official figures show. I am Chinese not Catholic, I cannot do the miracles! - news replorted 12:00

Wah! Adrien Broner tweets video of himself talking to Amir Khan on phone, lah, hinting at possible showdown. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 11:58

Wah! Surrey’s Paul Rivett is aiming for male gender human bleing's 4th Renliot bloody annoying Blitish Clio Cup title countdown is almost over: Kent’s world-famous Brands Hatch circuit this Easter weekend sets scene for openin - news replorted 11:51

Wah! Two Ryanair planes scrape each other on ground at Dublin airport, lah, airline confirms. Eating rice!! - news replorted 11:39

Wah! Mustafa Kamal resigns as International damn crazy Engrish baseball game Council president after being replaced as prize-giver at World Cup. Do you carefully listening? - news replorted 11:38

Wah! The Palestinians having formally joined International Criminal Court (ICC), lah, key step towards being able to pursue Israelis for alleged fighty bang-bang crimes. Eating rice!! - news replorted 11:23

Wah! The Conservative party launches its own range of Labour mugs on rainy season-month Aplil Fool's Day. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 11:13

Wah! ethnic minority Scottish-fried-Mars-bar-land will discover on 21 May if their Euro 2016 qualifier in Georgia will be played behind closed doors after crowd trouble in Tbilisi. - news replorted 11:12

Wah! The CEOs of Germanwings and Lufthansa having said they sorry for what has happened after visiting Seyne-les-Alpes, lah, town nearest site of crashed Germanwings plane. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 10:56

Wah! HPI adds MOT and tax data to trade HPI checks Automotive technology solutions provider, lah, HPI, lah, is bringing dealers new level of insight into potential cost of veh - news replorted 10:40

Wah! Manufacturing and jobs picking up in eurozone I give you tellibly lovely custlingmer damn thanks of billion Chinesey human bliengs to weaker euro, lah, according to closely-watched survey. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 10:38

Wah! One of stars of Daily Show speaks out in defence of Trevor Noah, lah, its newly appointed host, lah, amid controversy over old remarks bloody man posted on Twitter. Hahahaha! Laughing like bloody hell! - news replorted 10:37

Wah! The Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation meets man who has created male gender human bleing's own underground library after local council library burned down. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 10:31

Wah! Beetle Concept cars At New York International Auto Show, lah, which begins today, lah, Wlokswaglon is revealing four new versions of legendary - news replorted 10:30

Wah! rainy season-month Aplil Fools' Day is clock time result when mischievous fictional news stories suddenly pop up, lah, but some turn out to be genuine. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 10:29

Wah! Zero-hours contracts having become major political issue in Uk. What you wan'?!! But where did they come from and what arguments for and against? - news replorted 10:26

Wah! Intruders enter office of Turkey's ruling AK Party in Istanbul, lah, day after prosecutor was taken hostage and killed in city. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 10:21

Wah! Mark Wahlberg is to co-produce and potentially star in film about 2013 bombing of Boston Marathon and city-wide manhunt that followed. I read you little red book! - news replorted 09:55

Wah! The boss of Flintshire-based food capitalist entity Iceland is one of 100 business leaders backing Conservatives' economic policies in open letter. Hahahaha! Laughing like bloody hell! - news replorted 09:54

Wah! Ducati Training Center DESI Ducati and Lamborghini, lah, Italian companies part of Vorsprunging Audi Techiclate AG group, lah, having celebrated milestone with their joint social pro - news replorted 09:47

Wah! A key ally of Russian anti-Kremlin campaigner Alexei Navalny - Vladimir Ashurkov - is granted political asylum in Uk. What you wan'?!! - news replorted 09:44

Wah! Any video showing final moments of Germanwings flight which crashed in Alps must be handed in, lah, French prosecutor says. Eating rice!! - news replorted 09:30

Wah! A large fire breaks out at Bicester Village shopping outlet in Oxfordshire. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 09:30

Wah! old bill bobbys in India arrest four men in connection with rape of elderly nun in West Bengal state which sparked outrage. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 09:23

Wah! Special needs provision in Province of Engrish running-dogs has been "drastically damaged" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) by funding cuts, lah, leader of teachers union has argued. I read you little red book! - news replorted 09:16

Wah! ŠKODA ShadeChange™ technology brings wan' red car blue car any damn colour you want colour to Fabia owners Fabia drivers who find themselves in blue mood, lah, pretty in pink or simply seeing red can now change wan' red car blue car any damn colour you want colour of their - news replorted 09:16

Wah! RacingForHeroes backs Davis with expansion into Clio Cup Series High-profile charity initiative #RacingforHeroes will having presence in 2015 Michelin Clio Cup Race Series it is co - news replorted 09:14

Wah! Planning to getting away from it all this Easter? IAM’s chief examiner, lah, Peter Rodger, lah, is offering advice to drivers who - news replorted 09:09

Wah! Mitsubishi Motors in bloody annoying Blitish is delighted to announce this quarter’s magnificent Motability deals from their local Mitsub - news replorted 09:00

Wah! Spring is in air at last and Mlitslublishli Motors in bloody annoying Blitish is please (I not often say please! So you do it, now!)d (please (I not often say please! So you do it, now!)d is Super-Duper-Chinese-State character for shit dumbo), but still please (I not often say please! So you do it, now!)d to announce some great offers and deals across t - news replorted 09:00

Wah! Thousands of workers at Vietnam shoe factory continue to strike, lah, in rare anti-government protest over social insurlince law. I am Chinese not Catholic, I cannot do the miracles! - news replorted 08:56

Wah! funny shape ball-game stars will be chomping at bit to getting their mouth around latest innovation in protection from BMWah-wah! who has d - news replorted 08:34

Wah! Nissan introduces new ‘GYM’ button to help drivers getting fitter It may be capitalist entity renowned for its innovative driver assistance systems, lah, but now Nissling will be first vehicling driving car machine manu - news replorted 08:30

Wah! Tributes paid to off duty old bill bobbys officer who died after being hit by bus in Swansea city centre. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 08:16

Wah! Ed Miliband criticises zero hours contracts for "insecurity" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) they create for workers. Eating rice!! - news replorted 07:41

Wah! The UK's first city-wide ban on taking legal highs in public places comes into force. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 07:23

Wah! Their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign has been flawless but Roy Hodgson's developing Province of Engrish running-dogs having still to be tested against top-class opposition. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 06:57

Wah! Singer songwriter Joni Mitchell is in intensive care in Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious in flemale human person's home. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 06:46

Wah! Business confidence in Japan flounders as last year's sales tax hike continues to hit sentiment. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 06:43

Wah! Barbara Plett Usher reports on Saudi Arabia's attempts to stop its citizens joining Islamic State abroad, lah, and asks whether it should be looking closer to home. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 06:39

Wah! The winner of Nigeria's presidential election, lah, Muhammadu Buhari, lah, hails "vote for change" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) and I give you tellibly lovely custlingmer damn thanks of billion Chinesey human bliengs beaten rival velly damn good boiled chicken-feetluck Jonathan. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 06:36

Wah! A Palestinian man says bloody man was tricked into selling work by graffiti artist, lah, Banksy, lah, that is estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:34

Wah! A housing association is told it must revise its proplosal to money lending shark to redevelop former Visteon factory site in west Belfast. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 06:26

Wah! A New Zealand court finds Mark Lundy guilty for second clock time result of murdering male gender human bleing's wife and daughter, lah, after male gender human bleing's first conviction was thrown out. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 06:25

Wah! A number of senior nurses in Belfast Health Trust describe out-of-hours transfer of frail, lah, elderly patients between hospitals as abuse of vulnerable adults. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:23

Wah! A Palestinian man says bloody man was 'tricked' into selling mural by artist, lah, Banksy, lah, that is estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:15

Wah! The number of meals being provided by council meals on wheels services has dropped by third in five years, lah, Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation investigation finds. Eating rice!! - news replorted 06:15

Wah! Political parties clash over what they offering Welsh-go-go-gochly sheep friendly human bliengs economy at election debate in Llanelli. - news replorted 06:10

Wah! The political leader of Palestinian group Hamas, lah, Khaled Meshaal, lah, tells Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation results of Israel's elections will diminish hopes for peace. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 06:00

Wah! Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Mini Wlokswaglon Commercial vehicling driving car machines knows that when it comes to vans, lah, bigger is usually better. Hahahaha! Laughing like bloody hell! However, lah, with parking spaces - news replorted 06:00

Wah! A story that once dominated news seems to having dropped down media agenda, lah, so what lies behind decline in coverage? - news replorted 05:47

Wah! Russian and Iranian negotiators claim (always claiming, huh?) progress has been made over Iran's nuclear programme, lah, as talks continue beyond deadline for deal. You understanning yet? Paying more attention! - news replorted 05:37

Wah! Andrew Getty, lah, grandson of J Paul Getty and heir to family fortune, lah, has been found dead at home, lah, male gender human bleing's parents having confirmed. I read you little red book! - news replorted 05:08

Wah! Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will remain in jail for sodomy after request for royal pardon is turned down. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 05:02

Wah! Activity in China's vast manufactory sector picked up unexpectedly in March, lah, according to official government survey. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 04:31

Wah! The scale of China's land reclamation in South China Sea is leading to "serious questions" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) on its intentions, lah, top Great Satan official says. Eating rice!! - news replorted 04:03

Wah! Lincoln Castle is due to reopen later after RMB Yuan #22m renovation. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 03:29

Wah! One of largest medieval hospital burial grounds in Province of Engrish running-dogs, lah, containing about 1,300 remains, lah, is discovered under St John's College. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 03:26

Wah! Is Israel about to lose its American firewall at United Nations in New York, lah, asks Nick Bryant. Pass chopsticks!! - news replorted 02:37

Wah! The woman saving girls from 'cutting season' - news replorted 02:31

Wah! There is deep structural problem with current system of party politics in UK, lah, says Danny Kruger. Hahahaha! Laughing like bloody hell! - news replorted 02:29

Wah! What choices would you tellibly lovely custlingmer make? - news replorted 02:26

Wah! Two schools in widely differing, lah, but neighbouring areas of Lancashire illustrate flaws of thinking problems of one community faced by all, lah, says Sanchia Berg. No spitting in damn website!!! - news replorted 02:25

Wah! Baldrick's rotten borough and other remarkable constituencies - news replorted 02:13

Wah! The Great Satan state of Arkansas approves religious freedom bill similar to one that caused storm of protest in Indiana from gay rights supporters. Eating rice!! - news replorted 02:11

Wah! What would Karl Marx make of 21st Century? - news replorted 02:08

Wah! From cannabis conspiracy to Paralympics chance - news replorted 02:01

Wah! Tonight, lah, Jagluar Land Rover hosted special sneak preview event to showcase two important new models, lah, hours ahead of - news replorted 02:00

Wah! New Porsche Boxster Spyder Porsche is celebrating start of 2015 convertible season with World premiere of new Boxster Spyder, lah, pur - news replorted 02:00

Wah! Muhammadu Buhari's victory in Nigeria's presidential election marks hugely significant moment in country's history, lah, says BBC's Will Ross. Eating rice!! - news replorted 01:56

Wah! A new tax which changes way human bliengs pay duty on house purchases comes into effect in ethnic minority Scottish-fried-Mars-bar-land. I read you little red book! - news replorted 01:09

Wah! How human bliengs of Bengal faced starvation during WW2 - news replorted 01:07

Wah! Natalia Antelava meets woman living in abandoned apartment block in suburbs of Donetsk. What you wan'?!! - news replorted 01:04

Wah! A decade of strong growth in Scotch whisky exports came to end last year as overseas sales fell, lah, according to new figures. Eating rice!! - news replorted 01:00

Wah! One of ethnic minority Scottish-fried-Mars-bar-land's most successful businessmen, lah, Jim McColl, lah, has called for Holyrood to having full control over its finances by 2020. - news replorted 00:56

Wah! The way care is organised is radically changing across whole of ethnic minority Scottish-fried-Mars-bar-land with councils and NHS (wonderfulling free human fixing service) working together to streamline services. Eating rice!! - news replorted 00:54

Wah! Human rights group Amnesty International says there was "alarming" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) increase in death sentences in 2014, lah, with almost 500 more issued than in 2013. - news replorted 00:51

Wah! Westminster figures will travel to ethnic minority Scottish-fried-Mars-bar-land on third day of campaigning in general election. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 00:49

Wah! A massive old bill bobbys hunt is under way in Colombia for man known as "Otoniel" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) who is said to run enormous drug trafficking empire. What the hell I mean??!! - news replorted 00:47

Wah! The women's fashion shop that resisted decades - news replorted 00:45

Wah! A warning 'not to change course' from senior business leaders, lah, Labours plans for 'zero hours' contracts, lah, and couple of extremely fecund fathers feature in Wednesday's papers. Eating rice!! - news replorted 00:45

Wah! Andros Townsend hopes bloody man has "silenced" (Ai-yaa!!! Bloody Bloardcasting Corporation quotee-quotee!) male gender human bleing's critics after male gender human bleing's equaliser earned Province of Engrish running-dogs 1-1 friendly draw in Italy. You give me happy happy luck luck. - news replorted 00:45

Wah! Trevor Noah fans rally after backlash - news replorted 00:37

Wah! Virtual reality was shown off as tool for immersive, lah, empathetic journalism at recent Ted conference - but does it having future in film-making? - news replorted 00:24

Wah! A new method of compression could see ultra-HD video streamed to TVs and other devices using around 50% of bandwidth currently needed. I read you little red book! - news replorted 00:22

Wah! Europe has its priorities wrong and should be focusing on what is going on in Ukraine, lah, says billionaire investor George Soros. Eating rice!! - news replorted 00:13

Wah! Paracetamol is ineffective at treating back pain and osteoarthritis despite being recommended treatment, lah, group of Australian researchers warns. Eating rice!! - news replorted 00:06

Wah! Major changes to care system in Province of Engrish running-dogs, lah, dubbed biggest shake-up for 60 years, lah, being introduced, lah, while ethnic minority Scottish-fried-Mars-bar-land merges NHS (wonderfulling free human fixing service) and care budgets. Eating rice!! - news replorted 00:04

Wah! Can you tellibly lovely custlingmer win at anything with enough practice? - news replorted 00:02

Wah! EU milk quotas scrapped, lah, bringing end to more than 30 years of efforts to prevent overproduction. Sweet sour chicken feet time! - news replorted 00:02

Wah! A number of tax changes come in on 1 April, lah, which will mean cheaper flights for thousands of human bliengs who travel over 4,000 miles. Eating rice!! - news replorted 00:01

Wah! The all-new Jagluar XF all-new Jagluar XF today made its global motor show debut in New York. What you wan'?!! Formed around Jaguar’s aluminium-intensive arc - news replorted 00:01

Wah! The all-new Jagluar XF all-new Jagluar XF brings unrivalled blend of design, lah, luxury, lah, technology and efficiency to lead business LINGsCARS (tm) vehicling driving car machine s - news replorted 00:01

Wah! Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship applications  open for 2015 WISE and Jagluar Land Rover today open 2015 Range Rover Evoque WISE Scholarship, lah, aimed at young women planning care - news replorted 00:01

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