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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi (110bhp) N-Tec + Hatchback 5dr 1498cc Diesel at £295.45 inc VAT at 16:03 yesterday - Ling
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Customer Letter: 1347 / 1528
Charles says...
FORD FIESTAThanks Ling. Fiesta is great, great service, 5 weeks from first contacting you, to car at my doorstep. First class.

Charles Dalrymple
40 Sherry Avenue

Editor Note: Chic (your nick if people wonder), it's great that you had a Fiesta so fast. Many customers have had Fiestas delayed because Ford cannot keep up with demand. However, you were a lucky one. Enjoy your new silver Titanium TDCi. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1143 / 1528
Michael says...
AUDI A3Excellent service provided by Ling. A great deal, backed by regular communications. Recommended, so would certainly use again. Proud as punch in my new Audi A3. Car arrived earlier than the agreed time, but they forgot to bring my driving licence back.

Michael Gilliver
3 Drumpellier Avenue

Editor Note: Michael, yes, new security meant that at the time, the Audi supplier needed to physically see your driving licence. They posted it back Special instead of doing what I wanted, bringing it back with the car. Thanks for pointing this out. However, overall you seem 100% happy, which is my aim. Go drive your new A3. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1029 / 1528
Scott says...
CarExcellent service from start to finish. Great communication and nothing was a problem. Ling kept us up-date with every part of the car lease progress. I would and have recommended Lingscars to all my friends and family. Will most certainly lease from Ling again. Good deliver, dealer supplied my new Mitsubishi Outlander promptly and on time.

Scott Richardson
37 Gilchrist Way

Editor Note: Scott, super duper lemon squeezy. You got a great deal on this new Outlander, customers love these cars. Very economical for the type of car (4x4). I will see you in 3-years, I hope :) Thanks for letter! - Ling

Customer Letter: 859 / 1528
Robert says...
CarCan I say on behalf of Pauline and myself, thanks very much for an outstanding service, you were there to guide from inception to completion and with a turn around of less than 2 weeks that was fantastic.

Robert Cowles
12 George Allan Place
ML10 6EH

Editor Note: Hahaha, I am amazed! Miracles CAN happen! That was so fast. It helped that you were very good at the paperwork. Thanks, Robert and Pauline. Enjoy the Picanto!! - Ling

Customer Letter: 710 / 1528
John says...
CarA very professional, timeous service from Ling. From the original email enquiry to the delivery of the Nissan Note to my doorstep, every aspect went according to plan. I have recommended Ling to all my colleagues within North Lanarkshire council who are also looking for personal leasing.

John Duffy
Locket Yett View

Editor Note: Well, I am so pleased to be able to promote my business in Scotland - I get attacked often by Scottish motor dealers for "invading" their area, one even said I was ignorant because I had never heard of the Highland Clearances. I thought that was a pre-reg car sale by Arnold Clark! I'm Chinese, not Scottish, sorry! I imagine the Scottish are not familiar with every Japanese massacre of Chinese, either. So... it's with pleasure I look forward to members of North Lanarkshire Council logging on my website, and with pleasure that we ignore the political nutters :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 594 / 1528
Stephen says...
CarWhat can I say? Fantastic service!

Thank you so much for all your help, the family are loving the new Vauxhall Zafira. The car was delivered on-time and it looks great! I loved the personal service that you offer, and you were always very prompt in responding to my questions and demands. Delivery was excellent, shame there were no car mats provided.

Thank you again and I look forward to arranging my next car with you.

Stephen McGowan
15 Shearer Drive

Editor Note: Stephen, thanks for very kind letter. Well, you know how much dealers charge for car mats? They are a fortune. Where possible I try to get the finance companies to "throw them in" and often they arrive in a pack after the car. But I refuse to charge you an extra £50 just for a few poxy mats. Really, I recommend £5 at Halfords :). Hope you enjoy the Zafira, they are great cars and so cheap! - Ling

Customer Letter: 216 / 1528
Alan says...
CarLing has to be the craziest woman I've met. From the moment I found her website, I had a feeling we'd end up leasing our next car through her. What a breath of fresh air...

Good fun but totally professional at the same time. If anyone reading this has doubts, then don't!!! Ling is 100% trustworthy and delivers on her promises... I still think she's crazy, though!

p.s. The VW dealer needed Ling and us to chase them, they were average and showed no initiative.

Alan Young
Words & Wishes Ltd
52 Gateside Street

Editor Note: You are damn lucky, Alan, I take this "crazy" as compliment! So no retalliation. Actually, you were very nice customer to deal with, thank you for renting new VW Passat, I am sure you will be very pleased with it. Re Dealer: People reading this should note that YOU insisted to choose to use YOUR local dealer Alan, rather than my normal VW supplier who is top-notch! So I am afraid that was own goal in Scottish football tradition - Ling

Customer Letter: 189 / 1528
Alan says...
CarLing's website is the best there is... it's brilliant and after visiting it, there is no way we could have ordered our car from anywhere else!

For the record, she also gave us the BEST PRICE for our new VW Passat. We must have tried over 30 companies. Very, very happy!!! :-)

Alan Young
Words & Wishes
52 Gateside Street

Editor Note: Hehehe, why try 30 other sites? Just read the letters on this page, that would have saved you so much time and trouble, Alan. Thanks for the sweet comments. Brand new VW Passat on way - Ling

Customer Letter: 116 / 1528
Babs says...

I love your web site. It's the only one that's ever kept my attention for so long that I bought a car. I even get a free lunch!! Eating is my favourite hobby! I'm sure I'm going to love my new MX-5 just as much!

Babs Clarke
31 Glenhead Drive

Editor Note: Babs, I enjoy chatting to you and so pleased you swapped old Clio for brand new Mazda MX-5 for such little money. If customer happy, makes me eel happy!! - Ling

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From your area... ...or from people... ...or about a specific car!

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