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Hi! I am Ling Cheap Car Leasing - WAH! from Dragons' Den. I lease cheap new cars!
UPDATE... The latest car I've added is a Citroen C1 Airscape 1.2 PureTech 12v (82bhp) Flair Hatchback 5dr 1199cc Petrol at £140.16 inc VAT at 14:22 today - Ling
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Customer Letter: 1428 / 1528
David says...
FORD FIESTAHi Ling- I must say that I was very impressed with the great service you gave. It's really good to be able to get replies within a few minutes of asking a question! The website is wacky but brilliant. Many thanks. Excellent delivery, very efficient and polite.

David Ryder
78 Erica Drive
BH21 3TQ

Editor Note: Brilliant. I am so happy you are another customer who seems really pleased with my service. Sorry the website is so wacky, but I get bored and can't resist. Thanks for such kind comments about my super-fast LINGO system. Enjoy bloody Fiesta! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1350 / 1528
Richard says...
FORD FIESTAHi Ling, I'm really enjoying my new Ford Fiesta and I can't stop telling people about your crazy website and just how fantastic your service is and how well you have treated me throughout. The experience I have had has been totally refreshing, completely professional, hilariously funny and extremely helpful. It's great to keep in touch and I definitely want my next car from you.

Richard Day
9 Shearsbrook Close
BH23 8HF

Editor Note: Rich, this is the second letter you have sent me, and I am so grateful. You were brilliant to chat to. You have also referred some customers to me from NATS. Thanks! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1342 / 1528
Salim says...
 From the moment I decided I was going to use Ling and chose the C-Crosser, the process was a smooth one. The documents are all clearly marked and kept simple to complete. The car turned up in pretty good time and apart from the good weather I was promised to get to drive in, Ling delivered on everything else! Hope to be back in 23 months. Good delivery but hurried handower and the driver was not conversant with the full spec of the car.

Salim Wilson
5 Mallow Close
BH18 9NT

Editor Note: Yes, the bloody British weather let me down. Far better to have consistent pollution and stable murk in China. Hehehe. As you live in Poole (I used to visit a great noodle bar there), you can enjoy the sunshine on the beaches, not in the C-Crosser. Thanks for comments, Salim, I will kick the dealer to train their delivery guys.. - Ling

Customer Letter: 1330 / 1528
Richard says...
FORD FIESTALings Cars is a Car Leasing company that I stumbled upon when researching car leasing as a solution to my transfer to Swanwick this year. I figured that commuting 70 miles a day would not be good for my poor Micra so my options were to buy a new/second-hand car/lease a car or win one!! (Yeah right). After calculating the cost of a new car with depreciation, mileage, wear and tear I looked into the second-hand market but this still meant losing out with a less likely resale after a few years with high mileage, MOT costs and possible mechanical problems because of the age of vehicle.

When I saw the prices and what is included in leasing a car at Lings Cars I decided to go for that option. Included in my 3 year deal is road tax, full Ford 3 year warranty, Ford Assist Home and breakdown cover, no MOT required, delivery, documentation, some car mats that Ling threw in and a First Aid kit oh and loads of Chinese sweets and noodles she sent me!!! My 3 year lease is for 18,000 miles pa included but this can be agreed from as little as 10,000 to 20,000pa. I get a brand new car with all the benefits but don't have to worry about selling it in three years time or MOTs or putting a high mileage on the car I can simply choose another new one and start again! Ling Valentine is the proprietor of this company and you may of seen her on Dragon's Den a few years ago where she actually turned down an offer shared between two of the Dragons because they wanted a higher percentage stake in her company.

Rich's actual new Fiesta in real life! - COOL!!! - Ling

Her website is so crazy and full of funny stuff that you would think at first that this is dodgy company. I ignored the site many times before checking out the prices and doing some research to find a very competitive and genuine company. Her personal lease pricing always includes VAT and there are no hidden charges, something that she hates about most other car leasing websites.

After looking at different options and then getting an initial quote a secure area is set up where you can message Ling personally or one of her staff to simply ask anything you like, which is usually answered within a few minutes depending on the question. From then on you are constantly kept up to date with the progress of your chosen vehicle until delivery. I have got to know Ling really well since I first started enquiring about my car and I will still keep in touch with her until I lease my next car! How's that for a personal service!

So I can confidently recommend her website as I know from research her prices are very competitive, her service is outstanding and really funny too! From the start of the whole process I have received outstanding customer service, help and support not to mention the car arriving in outstanding condition on exactly the time agreed and at an amazing low monthly payment.

It's worth checking out her website even just for the funny stuff on there!

Richard Day
9 Shearsbrook Close
BH23 8HF

Editor Note: Rich, you are an Air Traffic Project Specialist at NATS. You write such a beautiful description for new customers to read, thanks, and this is also pinned up on the Air Traffic notice board! I really had a great time dealing with you and we have a lot in common, because one of my toys is a microlight. I followed the building of your patio, advised you on sorting out your garden shed, heard all about your holiday in Devon swimming in the polluted sea... and now I know all about all the aeroplane near misses over Southern England! Let's hope you don't have a near miss in your new Fiesta, which just arrived before Ford caused massive supply problems. You are so happy with it, no wonder, after an old Micra. Glad to have such a customer who turns into a great pal! - Ling

Customer Letter: 1305 / 1528
Philip says...
 We would definitely use Ling again. Contacting her is very easy through the lingo system and she replies quickly. It is easy to see what is happening and that documents faxed or posted have been safely received. For the car we leased (Astra Sport Hatch) Ling was also the cheapest by far. Car arrived when scheduled and condition was good.

Philip Parton
11 Rodney Drive
BH23 3ER

Editor Note: Well, well, well, you are a sales exec in a Motor group, Phil, so I am very happy that you chose me for your new car! I cut all overheads to the bone to make the car the cheapest in the market, no one can be more efficient than me. Glad you loved the LINGO system. You were great to deal with. Go drive the Astra, everyone loves those cars. I did my dissertation near Christchurch - on Hegistbury Head! So I know it well. Without Hengistbury Head it is probable that most of the town of Christchurch and all of Christchurch Harbour would cease to exist! - Ling

Customer Letter: 896 / 1528
Michael says...
CarWhat can I say? - Great service, every step of the way was easy, I will (and have) recommend you for the whole package! Good service and excellent delivery from the Toyota dealer, again would recommend.

Michael Warwick
106 Rosemary Road
BH12 3HD

Editor Note: Mike, thanks for that. I get sick of saying how good these Toyota Versos are, everyone who has one, loves it. I used to live near Poole, lovely place. Enjoy your Toyota in the sunny Dorset weather. - Ling

Customer Letter: 886 / 1528
Jason says...
CarOur Chevrolet Matiz 1.0L goes like a rocket! Maybe small cars from ling have added "voo voo voom"!

Thanks for all your help, Ling, and for saving us lots of cash.

Jason Harris
IMS Print Ltd
6 Whittle Road
Ferndown Industrial Estate
BH21 7RU

Editor Note: Jason, I give you a hyperlink for your print company. At IMS your objectives are simple, to enable clients to communicate with their target audience better and in the most cost effective way through your printed products and print management solutions. Hopefully you will jump up Google, now. Enjoy your Chevvy Rocket 1.0 :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 617 / 1528
Martin says...
CarWhat can I say? Excellent service!. This was the first lease car I have had and the whole process went smoothly with no problems. Car was delivered on time and clean. I would certainly recommend to anyone. Well done Ling!

Martin Condon
7C Bank Chambers
Penn Hill Ave
BH14 9NB

Editor Note: Martin, so good to hear that I successfully delivered a Vauxhall Astra! I love Poole, it is one of my favourite places, there is a lovely noodle bar in the town. Hope you have a great time in your (very) cheap new Astra. You were a lovely customer. - Ling

Customer Letter: 610 / 1528
John says...
CarAbsolutely first-class service from my first enquiry through to delivery of my new Kia Sportage. "A-plus" service from LINGsCARS, I would recommend you to anyone thinking of leasing a car. Free delivery and road tax included is an added bonus. Excellent delivery, on time and with the car in immaculate condition.

John Bole
6 Sparkford Close

Editor Note: John, these Kia Sportage deals were so good, I rented one for my own superhusband Jon to drive. Also, another coincidence, I used to live in Bournemouth for a while! I did my MSc there. Amazing, eh? With my cars, not only the free delivery and road tax, but I don't charge any of those spurious "document fees" or "admin fees", they are complete rip offs. The only fees I have to pass on are BMW and SAAB fees. That's it! Glad you are so happy :) - Ling

Customer Letter: 353 / 1528
Peter says...
 "Very efficient, quick response - and most of all Ling got me the cheapest deal for the car I wanted; a Toyota Corolla. That's what I call customer service! Ling definitely met my expectations. The car is great, the dealer was good, but they should have put a full tank of petrol in."

Peter Tsang
Wah Hing Chinese Supermarket
14 Didcot Road
Nuffield Industrial Estate
BH17 0GD

Editor Note: Peter, thanks for saying such nice stuff, but err... WHY should thay have put a full tank of petrol in? Someone comes into Chinese Supermarket, you give them £50 of free stuff? Hmmm. On happy note, I am so pleased to supply you. I used to live in Bournemouth and often used to visit your supermarket in Poole. When I was in Finland, my husband Jon used to post me food parcels he bought from your shop. Amazing coincidence, huh? - Ling

Customer Letter: 126 / 1528
John says...
Brilliant website, both informative and entertaining. I also believe it's truthful as you print both complaining and complimentary letters. Well done! When I next renew my vehicle, you are on my list!

John Everett
21 Heather Road
Ensbury Park
BH10 5EE

Editor Note: Wah! Of course website truthful, John! I print all printable letters, let visitor make up own mind. You see your letter now? So it must be real, eh? Thanks for nice letter. Also I used to live in Bournemouth, I got my MSc at Bournemouth Poly (sorry, Uni) - Ling

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From your area... ...or from people... ...or about a specific car!

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